On September the 11th nearly our entire agency will hop onto a bus and head up to the Catskills for our third year of camp. We’ll have folks from Virginia, Texas, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco joining our Brooklyn crew, about 70 of us in total, all looking to find that balance between grown-up professionals and kids at summer camp. It’s gonna be a blast.

That said, though we’re a month out from the event, I can guarantee the timing will be horrible. Without question it’ll be inconvenient for an agency that is working to be the best in the industry and client partners who expect even more than that. Meetings will be rescheduled, invitations declined, harrumphs will be had on both sides.

But if we zoom out we’ll see the three days of inconvenience open up an awful lot of possibility and potential in the days that follow, I’m absolutely certain.

Our camp experience will be equal parts work and play. The work part will include team breakout sessions, many times including teams that are rarely in the same room together, working on big and little ideas alike. We will break into small groups and think about how we can be a better agency, how we can build better mechanisms and processes, how we can serve our partners and each other better. And we’ll hear from other departments on what they are seeing, listening with the intent of learning and bringing new ideas to our day to day work.

That’s the work part.

The play part will be just as intense and purposeful. We’ve got team olympics and prom, a talent show and skits, free time and play time. The goal is simple: to build relationships internally, celebrate creativity and unplug just enough to ensure we’re seeing the world with new eyes. We know that matters, we know it translates to better ideas, better teamwork and better results.

And so we’re more thankful than ever for the clients and partners who make those three days in September possible. And we’re committed to coming back with refreshed creative energy and purpose that translates to your business.

We’ll also have some really, really good stories to share. Here’s to that, and here’s to growing up but not growing old.