Snapchat Introduces first Lens that reacts to sound

  • The Scoop: It’s time to pump on the volume while using Snapchat! Snapchat has introduced its first Lens that reacts to sound. This Lens features an animal mask with eyes that move and ears that pulse and shine depending on the sound that is picked up by a phone’s microphone. Snapchat confirmed that it is planning to launch more Lenses that react to sound in the upcoming weeks.


You can now add Polls to your Stories on Facebook Messenger

  • The Scoop: Facebook has added a polling featuring to Facebook Stories. Previously, the only way to poll friends was through group chats using Facebook Messenger. Since Stories on Messenger are also shared on the regular Facebook platform, questions are now opened up to all Facebook friends. Results of polls are available in real time and a viewers list shows exactly who voted for each answer. Friends can also comment on Stories, which will open a conversation on Messenger. Although this update is similar to Instagram Polls, it opens up a new aspect of Messenger that Facebook users have not been able to utilize before.


YouTube brings its messaging feature to the web

  • The Scoop: YouTube brings its previously mobile-only messaging feature to the web. Now desktop users who are logged into their Google account while browsing YouTube can communicate with friends on the site, too. Accessing this feature is as simple as clicking the chat bubble icon located next to the notifications bell.



HBO, the New York Public Library and Reese Witherspoon Team Up for New Reading Campaign

  • The Scoop: HBO and the New York Public Library have launched a video featuring Reese Witherspoon for their #ReadingIsLIT campaign. The campaign aims to remind people that when they watch movies and television series, they should also read the corresponding book. “In the library’s 88 branches throughout New York City, #ReadingIsLIT displays will be set up to showcase the books that served as the inspiration behind HBO’s series and movies,” (Diana Pearl, AdWeek). Reese Witherspoon is one of many celebrities recruited to be featured in the #ReadingIsLit campaign.



Coca-Cola Has Released Its First Alcoholic Beverage and It’s Called Lemon-Do

  • The Scoop: Coca-Cola will soon launch its first alcoholic beverage Lemon-Do in Japan. Lemon-Do is a lemon-flavored fizzy drink with varied alcohol levels of 3, 5 and 7 percent that consumers can choose from. This product will only be available on the Japanese island of Kyushu and is not likely to come to the United States.


Uber Installs 911 Feature

  • The Scoop: To increase safety for Uber riders, Uber has installed a 911 feature.  By tapping the new safety icon in the bottom right corner of the app, users can get in touch with law enforcement and alert a trusted contact to the details of your trip. Since Uber is a location-dependent app, this new feature will make it easy for dispatchers to find a rider’s exact location.


Soon you may be able to unlock your front door with your iPhone

  • The Scoop: Apple is rumored to be releasing technology that will make the need for keys obsolete. The Near Field Communication (NFC) chip in iPhones, which allows for features like Apple Pay, may be expanding its capabilities to digitally open car and house doors. Apple will allegedly be announcing the new technology along with the iOS 12 update in June 2018.