This is how Instagram’s algorithm populates your feed

  • The Scoop: Instagram has revealed how its algorithm works. When creating users feeds, Instagram utilizes these factors: interest, recency, relationship, frequency, following and usage. The accounts that receive the most interaction will have their content featured up front. Although posts will not be in chronological order, users are still able to see posts from all the other accounts they are following.


Instagram will reportedly allow users to upload hour-long videos

  • The Scoop: Currently, Instagram users may only post videos up to 60 seconds in length. However, the app is rumored to be preparing to launch an update that will allow users to upload hour-long videos. This will allow the introduction of professionally produced content on the platform. Soon, users may have the ability to watch Instagram-exclusive shows on the app, which would also allow for more ad-space and higher earnings. Instagram has not officially announced this update, but there is high speculation that it will be introduced in the coming months.


Facebook woos teens with Lip Sync Live, which seems a lot like

  • The Scoop: Facebook’s new feature, “Lip Sync Live,” is being tested in select markets. Users can choose the Lip Sync Live option while streaming via Facebook Live and select from hundreds of songs. During the live broadcast, the artist and song title will be displayed and the user’s friends can comment on the video in real time.



Google Launches Programmatic Audio Ads In DoubleClick Bid Manager

  • The Scoop: Google launched the ability to buy programmatic audio ads through its demand-side platform (DSP) DoubleClick Bid Manager. The DBM’s programmatic audio solution has been integrated with Google Play Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, TuneIn and Pandora. Since a quarter of consumer usage time is spent listening to music and podcasts, marketers are utilizing this additional way to reach their target audiences.
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SoulCycle Welcomes All Souls With Colorful Pride Marketing Campaign

  • The Scoop: SoulCycle launched its campaign, “All Souls Welcome,” at the beginning of June for Pride Month. The campaign includes a series of videos featuring six SoulCycle instructors that identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community and will be donating to the Trevor Project – the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning (LGBTQ) young people under 25.. “Riders have the opportunity to purchase a 10-pack of classes, called the Pride Pack. The brand will donate 5 percent of each purchased package—up to $50,000—to the Trevor Project. Plus, for every 10-pack the brand sells, it will give one free class to a Trevor Project volunteer,” stated Katie Richards in AdWeek.



This Adidas Collab Is Inspired by Car Racing

  • The Scoop: Adidas’ latest addition to its NMD shoe line, the NMD Racer, comes in collaboration with the Whitaker Car Club. Inspired by racing culture and luxury cars, this NMD Racer has a simple white and black color scheme. The Whitaker Car Club x Adidas NMD Racer releases on June 8th exclusively at Whitaker Group Boutiques, and will be available globally on on June 9th.


Uber brings electric bicycle rentals to Europe, starting with Berlin

  • The Scoop: Uber acquired the bike rental program, Jump, in April and plans to bring electric bikes to Europe by the end of the summer. The company plans to release this service in Berlin – a city where tackling air pollution, reducing congestion and increasing access to cleaner transportation solutions is a priority at this time. Riders will pay $2 a ride for 30 minutes per rental.