It’s hard out here for a communications pro, but we have the latest media insights to make your life a little easier.


  • BuzzFeed has named Melinda Lee as its first-ever chief content officer of BuzzFeed Media Brands. “The newly formed division will include lifestyle brand Tasty, home brand Nifty, and health and wellness brand Goodful, along with two new outlets: beauty and style brand As/Is and parenting brand Playfull.”
  • tapped Jessica Roy as its new deputy editor. Roy will oversee’s daily coverage of news, culture and politics, as well as work on features and editorial pieces.
  • Men’s Health appointed Richard Dorment as Editor-in-Chief, departing from his role at Wired. Additionally, Executive Editor Brad Wieners departed the outlet.
  • Skift welcomed Tom Lowry as managing editor, who joins the outlet after serving as a CNBC Digital Senior Editor. Lowry will be in charge of the editorial team and report on the global business of travel.
  • Slate welcomed T.J. Raphael as Senior Producer on the podcast team. Prior to joining the outlet, she was digital content editor for The Takeaway on WNYC Radio.
  • Vanity Fair’s new editor-in-chief Radhika Jones finally named a top deputy. Kira Pollack became Jones’ No. 2 and departs from her similar role of Deputy Editor at TIME.
  • Women’s Health appointed Abigail Cuffey as Executive Editor after working at Women’s Day for 10 years.




  • News/Breaking News


    • ABC News brought in Whit Johnson as a New York correspondent.
    • The Associated Press recently released a memo announcing the newest global enterprise editors and the launch of their global enterprise team. Editorial members include:
      • Natalie Castaneda is now the roducer for the enterprise team and will be based in New York.
      • Longtime reporter Allen G. Breed is joining the enterprise team as a writer and video-first journalist.
      • Chicago-based reporter Sharon Cohen will be adding enterprise to her beats, along with her focus on criminal justice. She most recently produced “Locked Up For Life,” a national series on juveniles serving life sentences.
      • Adam Geller will work with the immigration and business teams to report on the effects of the Trump administration’s immigration and refugee policies.


  • Matt Sedensky will report from New York and most recently reported on aging and the effects of the opioid crisis on families.


    • CBS News named Homepage Editor Justin Michael as news editor at CBS News online.
    • PBS NewsHour named managing editor Judy Woodruff solo anchor of the nightly broadcast, 18 months after the death of co-anchor Gwen Ifill.
    • The Washington Post has hired Marissa J. Lang as breaking news reporter on the local news desk. She left the San Francisco Chronicle after nearly three years as a tech culture reporter.


  • Tech & Digital Media


    • Bloomberg News welcomed Kamaron Leach as its newest reporter covering technology, media and telecommunications from New York.
    • The New York Times named John Herrman a reporter for Biz Day covering media and social media platforms.
    • Wired welcomed Lauren Goode as a Senior Gear Writer. She was most recently a senior editor for The Verge.


  • Lifestyle


    • Rachael Ray Everyday named Danielle Blundell as a new Lifestyle Editor. Its previous Lifestyle Editor, Jennifer Beck departed the magazine in March.
    • HuffPost’s Alex March is leaving her position as Newsletter Editor and Engagement Editor to join the New York Times as the Opinion Newsletter Editor.
    • Vanity Fair welcomes Keziah Weir as an Associate Editor, departing from Elle.
    • The Washington Post moved Travis Andrews to the features section as a Pop Culture Reporter.



A Plus

  • About them:
    • Founded by none other than actor Ashton Kutcher, A Plus is a technology-based digital media company based in New York City that delivers its content through a website and a mobile app, with a focus on positive journalism and video content.
  • Areas of focus:
    • This outlet covers an array of topics including entertainment, lifestyle, relationships and general news and opinion pages with an overarching theme of positive storytelling. The outlet is heavily geared towards millennials and delivering a fresh, positive way of sharing news.
  • Video game – strong:
    • A Plus features a ton of video content on their site–both in house and outsourced. Their video section ranges from the usual lifestyle, innovation/tech and entertainment to original categories such as “vacation rental potential”, “a grain of saul” and “project dad”.
    • A Plus hosts a number of in house video series, each with a different theme. They currently have two recurring, popular video series. The first is “Love, Lindsay” where relationship editor Lindsay Gellar investigates user-submitted questions in hopes to bring a positive perspective and insight on modern love. The second is titled “The A Plus Interview” that reimagines the celebrity interview striving to be more meaningful and insightful than your average, bland interviews.
  • Why its one to watch:
    • A Plus is an up and coming outlet that relies heavily on video content and positive storytelling! Their content fuels and inspires millennials and the younger generation.


  • About them: Founded by the Dave Nemetz (co-founder of Bleacher Report), Inverse is a technology-driven digital media company covering the future of how we live, work and enjoy ourselves to a generally male, millennial audience.
  • Areas of focus: Topics include technology, entertainment science, and culture. Inverse takes a scientific approach to analyzing culture and a cultural approach to talking about science.We search out emerging ideas, new technologies, and simmering trends as well as fearless innovators, designers, and thinkers.”
  • Video gamemedium:
    • Their video content right now is still in its early stages, mostly using third party, outsourced videos to supplement articles.
  • Why its one to watch:
    • Inverse is a new type of tech outlet that recently received a round of new funding to test the waters with video production. Stay tuned! Think: The Verge meets BuzzFeed.



  • Majordomo Media – David Chang and Christopher Chen have teamed with former ‘Wired’ editor-in-chief Scott Dadich to build Majordomo Media.
    “Majordomo is a place for people to connect over the things I believe define culture: travel, food, music, sports, exploration…I don’t want to tell people what to do or show them the new cool thing. Plenty of places do that. I want to teach them how to find — and understand — new and different things themselves and let them bring their friends along for the ride. I want to create experiences where it’s okay to have honest conversations — where people can consider culture and race and have strong opinions while exploring their passions.” – David Chang



Twitter – Digital Talk Show:AM to DM by BuzzFeed


  • Weekdays at 10am the outlet puts on a live morning show on Twitter hosted by Saeed Jones and Isaac Fitzgerald. The duo chat informally about the day’s headlines and interview guests.
  • What specifically are they covering:  Anything trending in the news. Topics range from how fabricated news spreads on platforms, to what’s going on with public policy to the unprecedented thirst levels for “Black Panther.”
  • Who are they chatting with: They continue to bring in big names in entertainment, politics and tech for wide-ranging conversations that are pegged to the news of the day.