I asked some random coworkers what they would do for work if they suddenly couldn’t read, but could still see. I believe it revealed what they are really interested in and who they really are.

Paige K: “open a flower shop or bakery…it would all just be a front though for my drug smuggling ring”

Rachel: “sing professionally” (again!)

Bobby: “probably drive for Lyft until i could figure out what to do. work at a record shop? i could always start hookin again.”

Alex H: “i would keep writing but just dictate whatever i was working on”

Claudio: “probably not this job. contruction worker?”

Sean: “is this a poem”

Mica: “produce beats”

Maggie1: “walk dogs and babysit. both well paying for low effort and dogs and kids can be fun.”

Annie H: “holy shit i can’t even go there right now. i would be a counselor (not allowed but ok) and/or a farmer”

Nate: “wow”

Rhea: “get an assistant who could read/dictate. or an app that reads thing from my phone”

Stefan: “interior designer”