These Bud-branded Lyft cars are coming to Manhattan on Wednesday.


Twitter just released a schedule for all of its promised safety updates

  • The Scoop: Twitter has introduced a list of safety updates that will go live from late October through early January 2018. Updates include better censorship of non-consensual nudity posts, banning of display names that are hateful and more. Twitter hopes that the transparency of this plan will improve the brand’s relationship and trust with the public.   

Snapchat dangles referral traffic with link sharing from other apps

  • The Scoop: Snapchat’s three latest updates enable users to share links, hide their locations and view stories more easily. The iOS share sheet allows users to send a direct message to friends with links from other apps. Snapchat will also let users hide their location with “Ghost Mode” for up to 24 hours, rather than having to turn locations on and off. Lastly, users can now watch friends’ Stories by tapping and holding their name anywhere within the app.  

Facebook tests web-based VR within news feed posts

  • The Scoop: Facebook is trying to expand web-based Virtual Reality experiences for users to interact with. Using the platform’s React VR web development framework, select partners can test 360-degree VR posts on users’ news feeds. This feature is currently in its testing stages and does not yet have an official release date. 

Facebook adds ‘explore feed’ to desktop, which could provide reach benefits

  • The Scoop: Facebook’s new update extends the explore feed from the mobile app to desktop platforms. The explore feed acts as a secondary news feed that shares content similar to what users have previously engaged with.

Instagram now lets people add guests to live video streams

  • The Scoop: Instagram has added an “add a friend” feature to live video streams. Users can click the “add” button in the corner of the screen during a live video to select a friend to invite. The invited friend can then join the livestream in a split screen for the duration of the video. Instagram hopes this feature will attract more people to Instagram Stories.

Publishers Are Really Not Going to Like Facebook’s Latest News Feed Test

  • The Scoop: Facebook’s latest test separates the traditional news feed into two – one that houses content from friends and family and the other that includes branded content. These separate news feeds will likely decrease engagement for brands’ organic posts, as users may not be motivated to go out of their way to check a secondary feed. Facebook has stated that “the goal of this test is to understand if people prefer to have separate places for personal and public content. We will hear what people say about the experience to understand if it’s an idea worth pursuing any further. There is no current plan to roll this out beyond these test countries [Sri Lanka, Bolivia, Slovakia, Serbia, Guatemala, and Cambodia].”


Budweiser’s newest marketing push includes pre-prohibition brew

  • The Scoop: Budweiser is channeling nostalgia in its latest campaign. The limited-edition 1933 Repeal Reserve Amber Lager was created from a pre-prohibition recipe to celebrate the anniversary of the 1933 prohibition repeal. Budweiser has also partnered with Lyft to sponsor tours of prohibition landmarks around Manhattan in cars that resemble 1930s-era vehicles.


Amazon is betting on in-home deliveries to win over Prime users

  • The Scoop: Amazon has announced that it will begin in-home deliveries to Prime users. The Amazon Key kit retails for $249 and includes a smart lock, security camera and mobile app to coordinate package drop-offs. Delivery staff will use custom keycodes on the automated smart locks to enter homes, while customers can use the mobile app and camera to monitor the delivery. Amazon hopes this makes the shopping experience even easier for its members.