Snapchat rolls out sponsored 3D World Lenses, bringing its AR format to advertisers

The Scoop: Snapchat’s new ad format allows advertisers to integrate branded three-dimensional objects into Snapchat posts that can be moved and resized to fit the scene. There are two placement options for campaigns through this new offering – within the Lens gallery, where it can be selected and then applied to a post or as an attachment to a Snap Ad that’s promoted outside of the Lens gallery. Bud Light and Warner Bros are the first brands to run these new ads.

Twitter to test doubling tweet length to 280 characters

The Scoop: Twitter is considering extending the character limit from 140 to 280. The platform has been testing out the new character limit on select accounts, in hopes of getting users to tweet more frequently. Twitter has allowed a maximum of 140 characters since inception 11 years ago and has realized over time that “when people don’t have to cram their thoughts into 140 characters and actually have some to spare, [they] see more people tweeting.”

Facebook can unlock your account with facial recognition

The Scoop: Facebook is currently testing facial recognition to unlock accounts. If this method proves effective and isn’t utilized by hackers, then Facebook will offer this feature to all accounts. Facebook explains that this “optional feature is available only on devices [users have] already used to log in. It is another step, alongside two-factor authentication via SMS, that were taking to make sure account owners can confirm their identity.”

Instagram now lets you share polls in Stories

The Scoop: Instagram is adding a polls feature to its Instagram Stories. Users can add two-option polls to Stories by selecting the “Poll” sticker from the stickers menu. Users can view poll results by watching their Story and view current number of votes each option has received, as well as a list breaking down how each respondent voted. The polls disappear after 24 hours, just as a standard Instagram Story does.



How Nike is honoring Baltimore for saving the Air Force 1 sneaker three decades ago

The Scoop: Nike is releasing a limited-edition Air Force 1 sneaker, the Special Field Air Force 1 Mid, to honor historical stores in Baltimore. Local retailers Cinderella Shoes, Charley Rudo Sports and Downtown Locker Room, who convinced Nike in the 1980s to continue creating the Air Force 1 sneakers, are largely credited for the success of this signature shoe. The Special Field Air Force 1s come packaged with a curated comic book and will be sold exclusively at Downtown Locker Room’s two locations in Baltimore. A corresponding mural of the comic will also go up at the former site of Cinderella Shoes to drive further awareness.


Apple News lets publishers test serving ads from Google’s Doubleclick

The Scoop: Apple is testing ad insertions in the Apple News pages using Google’s DoubleClick for publishers. News outlets like CNN and Time Inc. already use Google’s DoubleClick on their own home websites, so the ability to extend campaigns using the same technology allows for a seamless experience and integration. This ad option is currently in the trial stage and Apple is hoping that if successful, it will help monetize news stories on the app.


Wingstop and Wendy’s got into a rap battle in the most 2017 brand marketing story imaginable

The Scoop: After Wingstop’s lyrics that parody Migos’ Bad and Bougie went viral on Twitter, Wendy’s chimed in to incite a rap battle. The two fast food giants exchanged comical raps on Twitter for three hours, with Wingstop earning 9 million impressions and 72,000 retweets and counting.  


You’ve never seen a beauty store quite like Forever 21’s Riley Rose

The Scoop: Linda and Esther Chang, the daughters of Forever 21 founders, opened a new beauty concept store in LA for millennials and generation Z. The store sells products within the beauty category and beyond (candy, home decor, etc.) and is specifically designed to be Instagrammable. If visitors tag #RileyRose on Instagram, the images will be displayed on a live feed on screens within the store. The brand plans to launch its website in November and open 10 additional stores across the country before 2018.