Instagram’s new Superzoom feature is the best creative tool since the Boomerang

The Scoop: Instagram’s new tool automatically zooms for Instagram Story users. With Superzoom, users can create dramatic chipmunk-style zooms with just a single tap. This feature allows for a 3-second (or longer) Superzoom with both the front and rear facing videos.

Instagram is testing a stop-motion camera for Stories

The Scoop: Instagram is testing a new Stop Motion tool that lets users take a long series of photos, which Instagram then stitches up into a GIF for posting. Instagram has confirmed that it will be testing this amongst different groups. If the feature proves to be popular, it will likely be implemented as an Instagram Story feature.

YouTube says videos flagged as advertiser-unfriendly will drop by 30%

The Scoop: YouTube has improved the accuracy of its filtering system to stop automatically demonetizing videos that contain hate speech or are offensive. This improvement has resulted in 30% fewer videos being misclassified as failing the service’s guidelines for advertiser-friendly content. YouTube has also introduced an appeals process for video creators who think their videos have been misclassified.


The King shaved his mustache for the first time for Burger King’s Movember campaign

The Scoop: In honor of No Shave November, The Burger King has “shaved” his face to kick off a campaign called #KingstacheChallenge. Traditionally, No Shave November is an annual month-long event in which men grow mustaches to raise awareness of men’s health issues. Fans can follow along with the King’s First Movember journey on his personalized website,

Snapchat’s “Stranger Things” lens is the first of its kind

The Scoop: To promote the latest season of Stranger Things, Netflix created a virtual Snapchat Lens of one of the show’s sets – Joyce Byer’s house. Users can activate the virtual walk-through by either scanning the Stranger Things-themed QR code or using Snapchat’s Shazam function while playing the Stranger Things theme song.


Firstborn: Gruesome Gotham

The Scoop: The new augmented reality app, Gruesome Gotham, is a scavenger hunt that reveals a map of chilling murders across New York City. Within the app, users can unlock narrated scenes of infamous murders in NYC crime history and access a newspaper section to learn more about the crimes they’re witnessing in AR.