Facebook’s adding new poll presentation options, including GIFs

  • The Scoop: Facebook is expanding its polling status options with GIFs and images. Both user profiles and Brand Pages can access the new polling features. Polls can have a time limit of a day, a week or can run indefinitely, and can be accessed by friends of friends. Polls can be made within the status update section and are available on both desktop and mobile platforms.

YouTube Kids will now let each child get their own YouTube profile

  • The Scoop: YouTube’s already widely-used YouTube Kids app is now allowing kids to set up individual accounts. Privacy restrictions will allow children to view varied content based on viewing habits, age-range and parental controls. YouTube Kids, which reaches 11 million weekly users, is geared toward children 12 and under.

Instagram pushes more influencers to adopts its new format for sponsored posts

  • The Scoop: Facing pressure around ad transparency, Instagram has rolled out a branded content tool to standardize influencer posts. The locations in paid influencer posts will now say “Paid partnership with…”, instead of the typical city or venue location.  The tool will also detect paid influencer posts that have not been specified in the location and automatically notify the user with the option to tag a business in these posts. At the moment, this tool is only available to Instagram accounts that have access to Insights data.

Twitter now lets everyone send 280-character Tweets

  • The Scoop: Twitter has officially extended its character limit from 140 to 280. The feature is available to all users, except for those writing in Chinese, Korean and Japanese, as these languages already allow for more information to be shared, in less characters. Twitter reports that during the initial testing stages, these longer Tweets received more engagements and users who tweeted 280 characters were also more active on the platform overall.  

New to Instagram Stories: upload any photo from your camera roll + new filters

  • The Scoop: Instagram’s newest update allows users to post pictures and videos from their camera roll that are older than 24 hours. When uploading older pictures or videos, a removable sticker with the day, month and year will automatically appear. Story users can also access 15 total filters featuring blue, purple and yellow tints, each named after cities around the world. This update is only available to iOS users.


Zappos turned true customer stories into charming low-budget ads

  • The Scoop: Zappos’ latest ads manifest its well-recognized reputation for customer service. The three commercials, which are based on true stories, showcase personable and relatable scenarios in which customers have benefited from Zappos’ stellar customer service. The featured tagline, “our wow is to vow”, expands on the company’s promise to keep customers happy and satisfied.

Starbucks holiday cups are meant for coloring

  • The Scoop: Starbucks’ 20th annual holiday-themed cup will be a “Create Your Own Cup” design. The 2017 cups, featuring presents, trees and other holiday imagery, are meant to “represent some of the ways that people celebrate the holidays at this time of year.” Starbucks will also host “creative tools” in each location to encourage customers to color in their cups.


The Las Vegas strip’s hottest new attraction: A driverless shuttle bus

  • The Scoop: American Automobile Association (AAA) and transportation company Keolis have teamed up to launch a year-long self-driving pilot program in Las Vegas. Beginning November 8, the electric eight-passenger Navya ARMA vehicles “will be the largest self-driving pilot to operate in real world traffic conditions. [The vehicles will also] be the first instance in which an autonomous vehicle will be ‘fully integrated’ into a city’s traffic infrastructure, connecting with signals along its route.”