Instagram tests a new option for users to follow specific hashtags

  • The Scoop: Instagram is testing a new feature that allows people to follow hashtags and see related stories and posts. This offers a new way to reveal relevant content to users without having to conduct individual searches for their favorite tags. If all users are eventually able to follow hashtags, brands can create niche hashtags to target relevant audiences.

Facebook is introducing a campaign budget optimization tool for advertisers

  • The Scoop: Facebook is introducing a new tool that allows advertisers to set one central campaign budget and optimize spending across ad sets. The tool, best-suited for campaigns with multiple ad sets, distributes budget to the ad sets that are performing the best in real-time. This will increase efficiency for advertisers by eliminating manual shifting of budgets between ad sets and advertisers can set daily or lifetime campaign budgets, as well as bid caps and spend limits for each individual ad set.

Twitter bumps display name length up to 50 characters

  • The Scoop: Twitter now allows users to use 50 characters in their display name, upping the limit from the original 20 characters. With this update, users can be more playful with their display names (i.e., more emojis). Note that the length of Twitter handles will remain the same.

Pinterest now lets you create section within your boards to further tidy up ideas

  • The Scoop: In an attempt to further organize boards, Pinterest is adding board sections, giving users a way to break up bigger ideas into smaller subsections within the same board. This feature, in addition to the current saving options, will help users organize pins.

Snapchat now lets brands link Sponsored Lens, Geofilter ads to their sites

  • The Scoop: Snapchat is now allowing brand to attach Context Cards to ads so that users can swipe-and-tap to visit their sites. Snapchat will provide advertisers with basic stats, including how many times a Context Card was viewed, how many times people clicked on the Context Card and click-through rate. Context Cards will only appear within a Sponsored Lens or Sponsored Geofilter.


On World Kindness Day, this organization erected 3 walls across the globe to spark love, not hate

  • The Scoop: On World Kindness Day, Kindness.org ran an online campaign and put up kindness walls in New York, London and Cape Town. The organization also created a series of digital videos featuring animated characters that incorporated themes like using love and support to conquer sadness and hopelessness. Kindness.org strived to “create these really artistic characters that try and show the different faces of kindness, but not focus on gender, ethnicity or skin color” in a way that’s never been done before.


Holiday food, beverage blitz includes (we’re so sorry) Pepsi Salted Caramel

  • The Scoop: This holiday season, Pepsi Co. is rolling out a suite of themed products like salted caramel Pepsi soda, Cap’n Crunch’s Christmas Crunch cereal and white-cheddar flavored Cheetos snowflakes. The brand is making “more limited-time products than ever before to fill consumers’ snack and beverage needs at any holiday moment.” The brand feels these products are “a good way to get social media buzz and fingers twitching on Instagram [as] consumers are moving to a much more diversified palate and are really interested in new creative flavors.”

Stove Top made stretchy Thanksgiving dinner pants, and a loony ad for them

  • The Scoop: The Kraft Heinz stuffing brand, Stove Top, created a pair of pants specifically designed for Thanksgiving dinner that expands to twice its original size. The release of these limited-edition, stuffing-patterned pants, comes coupled with a parody infomercial that shows a family of 4 all wearing the Stove Top pants ready for their Thanksgiving meal. The pants are priced at $20 with free shipping at thanksgivingdinnerpants.com.