Weekly Digest // Week of 12.07



Instagram is making its biggest changes to Profiles since 2013

The Scoop: Instagram is adding two new updates that allow users to archive and highlight posts. This feature will automatically save user’s Stories to the Archive folder so users can repost in the future. The other new feature, Stories Highlights, lets users add any Stories from their Archive to a customized thumbnail. Highlights allow up to 100 photos and videos from the Archive into one thumbnail, which can be named after a person featured, category or emoji. 

Reels: YouTube’s take on Stories

The Scoop: YouTube is creating its own version of Instagram “Stories” specifically designed for YouTube creators. Creators can develop multiple Reels and either select an expiration date or make them evergreen. Reels will feature links to YouTube videos and YouTube-themed stickers. This feature will soon be available in a beta version for experimenting amongst creators. 

The customer chat plugin for Messenger is now available in open beta

The Scoop: Facebook is launching a customer chat plugin for Messenger. The plugin allows brands and customers to transfer conversations across a business’ website and Messenger chat without losing history and context. Facebook will include a customer’s first name in the greeting message of both new and existing threads to drive customer engagement with this feature. 

Facebook for 6 year olds? Welcome to Messenger Kids

The Scoop: Facebook is adding Messenger Kids geared towards users ages 6 – 12. The new development will feature parental controls to safeguard pre-teens who may be using unauthorized and unsupervised social media accounts. The brand’s goal is to “push down the age” acceptable for kids to be active on social media. Facebook assures that Messenger Kids will not display ads or collect data for advertising purposes. 

Pinterest integrates deeper with Facebook with a new bot and messenger extension

The Scoop: Pinterest is launching a Facebook extension to tap into the audience that shares Pinterest content on Facebook Messenger. By making Pinterest and Messenger interaction more seamless, users can open up a chat with the Pinterest bot and type in an idea they’re interested in for recommended ideas on Pinterest. This update helps expand the platform across another major social media platform. 


Lyft wrote giant thank-you notes to its drivers on these out-of-home ads

The Scoop: With giant thank-you notes to drivers on buildings across New York City, Lyft is celebrating its drivers and the various careers and identities they have beyond Lyft. An accompanying split screen video ad shows Lyft drivers both during their drive time and other aspects of their life. The end of the ad concludes with “We know you’re more than drivers. So, no matter what you’re driving toward, we’ll help you get there.” This end-of-year campaign is a part of Lyft’s concerted effort, in its business strategies and advertising, to make their drivers feel valued.


GM brings Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks ordering to cars

The Scoop: General Motors is launching Marketplace, an in-vehicle app that allows drivers to pay for goods within their cars. Through partnerships with Dunkin Donuts, ExxonMobil and more, users can do everything from ordering coffee to requesting oil changes. As an industry first, this free technology will be sent wirelessly to 2017 and 2018 GM vehicles. GM expects to offer 4 million Marketplace-enabled cars by 2019.