Facebook will soon demote posts that beg for likes, comments, and shares   

  • The Scoop: This week, Facebook will start demoting posts that prompt users to share, like, tag, and comment – also known as “engagement bait.”  In an effort to create a more authentic space to share content, Facebook has categorized thousands of posts and programmed a machine learning model that will detect these types of posts. To give publishers time to adapt, these demotions will become more strict in a few weeks.

Snap releases Lens Studio, a tool for creating your own AR effects

  • The Scoop: Snap has released its second app, Lens Studio, which enables users to create augmented reality lenses for Snapchat. The design app can be used on Mac and Windows computers, and provides templates for users and advertisers to create 2D and 3D designs. Currently, users can only create “world filters” on the app, which work with the rear-facing Snapchat camera. 

Facebook officially announces pre-roll ad tests, tweaks mid-rolls

  • The Scoop: Pre-roll ads will soon be limited to six seconds and tested on the new Watch tab, with the idea that people are more receptive to videos when they seek them out. Additionally, mid-roll ads will no longer appear on videos that are under three minutes and will only play after the first minute has been viewed. Facebook will begin testing these ads in 2018.  

Facebook’s facial recognition now finds photos you’re untagged in

  • The Scoop: Facebook has launched a new feature called Photo Review, which uses facial recognition to notify users of photos of them on the app – regardless of if they are tagged or not. This aims to give users a higher level of control over their images on Facebook, avoid potential fraudulence, and provide opportunities for nostalgia. There will also be a privacy opt-out setting available for those who wish to not have their face recognized with this feature, and those who opt out will have their face template deleted.


Amazon integrates video ad sales across its owned platforms, including Twitch

  • The Scoop: Advertisers will soon be able to buy video ads on the Amazon Advertising Platform for all of Amazon’s owned properties including Twitch, IMDb, Amazon.com and Fire TV. To compete with Google and Facebook, Amazon will utilize its unique user data.  Purchase history on Amazon.com and viewing habits on Prime Video will provide valuable insights about consumers. On Amazon.com specifically, advertisers will have the benefit of reaching users who are primed to make purchases. Updates like these project Amazon to total $1.65 billion in ad revenue in 2017. 


Burger King gave one hell of a Christmas present to its biggest Facebook fan in France

  • The Scoop: With 637 comments and counting on Burger King France’s Twitter page, Sullyvan K. is the page’s top commenter. To celebrate this huge accomplishment, Burger King “gifted” him a local Burger King restaurant. Sullyvan unwrapped the restaurant, which was draped in over a kilometer of wrapping paper, to find a “Home of Sullyvan K.” sign above the entrance. He was also gifted his own parking spot, golden tray, table, personalized Whopper packaging and free food at the location for a year. The big reveal can be seen in a short video, and the person who comments the most on it will also receive free Burger King food for a year.