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Instagram now allows businesses to schedule their posts

  • The Scoop: Instagram’s new changes to the Graph API, will provide greater flexibility for Business profiles on the platform. The API can be implemented with third-party social media software applications like Hootsuite, SocialFlow, or Sprout Social, giving access to new capabilities. Businesses on Instagram can now analyze insights and metrics about their performance, moderate comments, access and respond to mentions and, most notably, schedule organic posts.

Twitter Is working on a Snapchat-style video sharing tool

  • The Scoop: Twitter is creating a feature to make it easier for users to share video clips of what’s happening around them, similar to the likes of Snapchat. Currently, in order to post a video, users must open the Twitter app, click the compose button, find the camera button, take the video or picture, and click on the tweet button – a process that will soon be streamlined with this new tool. Twitter has declined to comment on the working demo of this addition and it is unknown what the final design and release date will be.

Facebook is banning cryptocurrency and ICO ads

  • The Scoop: A new advertising policy prohibits Facebook ads that promote products and services associated with cryptocurrencies, binary options and initial coin offerings and other “misleading or deceptive practices”. Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, have become increasingly prevalent, which has resulted in a slew of scams.  The policy is intentionally quite broad at this stage, and Facebook plans to revisit it as enforcement mechanisms improve.  In the interim, Facebook urges users to report any advertisements that violate the policy.


Get your game day face on: Kraft will crowdsource its Super Bowl spot

  • The Scoop: This Super Bowl Sunday, Kraft’s 30-second ad spot will feature photos and videos of family moments gathered from social media. The brand is asking real families to share photos and short videos on Instagram or Twitter starting at 6am EST on February 4th with #FamilyGreatly and #KraftEntry. Kraft plans to reach out to entrants to gain permission to use their images and videos, which will be compiled and shown during the third quarter of the game.


Kind is giving away a Super Bowl ad’s worth of snack bars to its fans

  • The Scoop: In lieu of spending the $6 million for a 30-second Super Bowl ad on NBC, Kind will be giving away $6 million worth of snack bars to fans across the country. The brand created a short video featuring Kind founder, Daniel Lubetsky, explaining that the first 3 million viewers to click on the link at the end of the video will get a free Kind bar. The video also parodies the sometimes over-the-top ads often shown during the Super Bowl by including “Steve From Accounting” – a wannabe director who incessantly steps in to make outlandish suggestions. Kind hopes that the snack bars will speak for themselves without the help of an expensive flashy ad.

How Adobe is using Photoshop to restore family pictures damaged by Hurricane Harvey

  • The Scoop: Adobe has released a short digital film showing how a group of Adobe ambassadors (high schoolers from San Antonio) and a local volunteer organization restored treasured photos that were destroyed during Hurricane Harvey. Several of these photos were the only copies in existence, and Adobe Photoshop enabled the teams to gift these photos, looking as good as new, to Harvey victims. The ambassadors and recipients became emotional in the four-minute documentary, and Adobe hopes that this will serve as a “call to arms” for students to use their creativity for good.