Instagram adds face filters to live video

  • The Scoop: Instagram has just added filters to live video streaming. Users can either apply face filters before or during a live stream by tapping the face icon. In addition to all current face filters, there is an exclusive filter featuring reflective sunglasses available for use.

Spotify Is opening a self-serve platform to amp up its sales ads


  • The Scoop: Spotify is launching Spotify Ad Studio, a self-serve advertising platform, which will allow brands to create targeted audio ads for its 90 million users. With this new offering, brands will be able to set target demographics and budget parameters, as well as track campaign reporting. Small and mid-size businesses are most likely to take advantage of the platform.

Instagram’s “follows you” feature reveals your true friends

  • The Scoop: Instagram is testing a feature that allows users to check if someone is following them directly on a person’s bio. At the moment, this feature is exclusively being tested on Android devices, but will eventually be available for iOS.

Pinterest has new ad-targeting options like “vegetarian barbecue“ and “desk yoga

  • The Scoop: Pinterest has released “Taste Graph”, a collection of 5,000 specific user interests that will allow advertisers to reach niche audiences. Pinterest used to offer only 400 interests – with this expansion, advertisers will now have more targeting options. Pinterest product manager John Milinovich explains that “this kind of niche targeting leads to better-performing and ultimately cheaper ads.”


Coke inks endorsement deal with fictional ‘virtual athlete’ from FIFA 2018

  • The Scoop: Coca-Cola has signed a deal with FIFA to integrate a virtual brand ambassador in the upcoming EA SPORTS FIFA 2018 videogame. During this in-game commercial, virtual soccer player Hunter is approached by a fan and gifted with a can of Coca-Cola after exiting the field. Not only is this content integration the first of its kind for the FIFA video game series, it will also be viewed by 3.5 million daily players around the world. Coca-Cola plans to promote the commercial on social platforms and release limited edition cans with corresponding codes to unlock exclusive content within the game leading up to the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

L.L. Bean made a clever newspaper ad that you can only read outdoors

  • The Scoop: L.L. Bean recently published a full-page newspaper ad that can only be read outdoors in natural sunlight. When viewed indoors, it appears blank – text scattered across the page states, “Just bring this outside.” When read outdoors, the new L.L. Bean tagline, “Be an Outsider,” and a corresponding manifesto are revealed. The ad was created with photochromic ink and serves as “an invitation to all people to join L.L.Bean outside, because outside is where we all belong. This sentiment is as relevant today as it was 105 years ago when L.L.Bean was founded.”


Patrón’s snazzy new AR app lets you visit a hacienda and chat with a bartender

  • The Scoop: Patrón’s new AR app, The Patrón Experience, helps users learn more about the brand and how its drinks are made. The app brings users to a virtual distillery featuring a virtual bartender who explains the differences between the brand’s four types of tequila. This personalized app, developed with Apple’s new iOS 11 ARKit technology, is now available to iPhone users. 

Target embedding Pinterest camera search tool in its app

  • The Scoop: Pinterest’s Lens technology now allows users to browse items available at Target stores. With this Lens, users can photograph real life images and search for similar products in stores – all within the Target mobile app. The tool will be available for gift registries starting next month and expand to all Target customers in the future.