Twitter is rolling out Bookmarks to all users today

  • The Scoop: Twitter users can now save tweets with Bookmarks. This feature provides a new way for users to privately save Tweets to revisit without publicly engaging with the Tweet or sending a notification to the person who posted it. This “save for later” feature, which has been a top request from Twitter users, can be accessed by clicking the “share” icon beneath a Tweet. Bookmarks is available worldwide on iOS and Android platforms.

Facebook begins to roll out its expanded facial recognition tech for some users

  • The Scoop: As Facebook has begun sending notifications for users to opt in to features enabled by facial recognition technology. The technology, which Facebook has been refining for years, can track if a user’s face has been posted on the platform, identify any untagged photos, and help visually-impaired users recognize friends in photos. This technology raises questions about invasions of privacy as it is unclear if Facebook deletes facial data for those who opt out of the technology. The technology is currently not available in the European Union and Canada due to stricter laws on the collection of facial data.


Johnnie Walker embraces feminine side to woo women drinkers

  • The Scoop: Diageo PLC, the world’s biggest spirits maker and owner of whiskey brand Johnnie Walker has released a female-branded version of the spirit called Jane Walker.  This limited edition version of Johnnie Walker black label, which features a woman on its label, is an effort to convert more women into whiskey drinkers and tap into a market that expanded to 29.6% in 2016. Jane Walker is now available across the U.S. for $34 for a 750 mL (about 25 oz) bottle, the same price as the standard Johnnie Walker black label.

KFC responds to U.K. chicken shortage scandal with a timely ‘FCK, We’re Sorry’

  • The Scoop: KFC, a fast food chain known worldwide for its chicken, experienced the ultimate crisis last week in the UK – they ran out of chicken. The shortage forced the chain to temporarily shut down most of its 900 UK locations, leading to an outcry on social media with many fans using the hashtag #KFCCrisis. In response, KFC offered an apology in the form of a clever full-page print ad in British news outlets The Sun and Metro. The ad features an empty bucket of chicken with the chain’s logo rearranged to read “FCK,” as well as copy that admits that “a chicken restaurant without any chicken” is “not ideal.” The ad has received positive feedback on social, most notably from Andrew Bloch (founder and group managing director of Frank PR Andrew Bloch) who tweeted, “KFC apologises with a full page ad in today’s Metro. A masterclass in PR crisis management.#KFCCrisis”; which saw 22K engagements!


Doritos made a line of Ketchup-chips streetwear, and it’s not a total goof

  • The Scoop: To celebrate the limited edition Doritos Ketchup snacks in Canada, Doritos Canada has released a ketchup-chip inspired streetwear line featuring crewneck sweaters, caps, duffel bags and letterman jackets. The line, which includes bright red hues and minimalistic designs, is shown in a stylish look book aimed to personify street style. The line intentionally strayed away from any sort of kitschy imagery or designs in order to create pieces that consumers would actually want to wear. Most of the items have quickly sold out, but fans can still enter the contest to win the entire collection.

Interracial couples deserve emojis too, says Tinder

  • The Scoop: Tinder’s latest campaign calls for emojis that depict interracial couples. The company released a short video that features interracial couples and a call to action for viewers to sign a petition and use the #representlove hashtag. Same-sex emojis are currently available in a range of skin tones, while emojis including more than one sex are only available in one race-neutral, yellow tone. The dating app believes that it is “time all love was represented,” and this campaign reflects that sentiment.

Take a ride in one of Waymo’s fully driverless minivans with this 360-degree video

  • The Scoop: Now that the Arizona Department of Transportation has greenlit Waymo as a transportation network in the state, the driverless robot-operated taxi service has released a 360-degree video to introduce the app and technology to users. The video includes a narration that outlines Waymo’s sensors (including LIDAR, radar, and high-definition cameras), a 360-degree view from the perspective of one of the self-driving minivans, and shows how the car processes data. Waymo will be available in Phoenix and is expected to be a direct competitor for Uber.