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Instagram Stories gets ‘quote tweet’-style feed post resharing

  • The Scoop: Instagram has released a new “quote-Story” feature that enables any public Instagram picture to be reshared on Stories. When viewers tap the re-shared post in the Story, they can tap “see post” to be directed to the original picture. Anyone who doesn’t want their posts to be “re-grammed” can disable the option in their settings. This feature is currently only available to select users, but has the potential to spark new user behavior from meme curation to cross-promotions for brands.

You can now link to hashtags and other users in your Instagram bio

  • The Scoop: Instagram users can now include clickable hashtags and other Instagram accounts in their bios. Upon clicking on these linked hashtags / accounts, users are directed to a feed of posts that include that hashtag or to the specific account. This update is geared towards making Instagram profiles more user-friendly and encourage further interaction on the platform.

What you need to know about Snapchat’s new Snap Map update

  • The Scoop: Snap is launching a new feature this week called Map Explore, which will alert and update users of activity on their Snap Map. Previously, Snapchat users were required to scroll around the Map on their own. With this new update, users will be notified whenever friends (who have opted in) share their location, use a new Geofilter in their Story or arrive at a mainstream event like Coachella. Map Explore will also send alerts when Our Stories has location-based updates that are associated with mainstream events or breaking news. For those concerned about privacy, Ghost Mode enables users to opt out of location sharing, while still having access to the Snap Map and Explore updates.


McDonald’s made a big green rainbow appear in Chicago ahead of St. Patrick’s Day

  • The Scoop: Using water vapor, fog and projection mapping, McDonalds cast a big green rainbow over Daley Plaza in Chicago to celebrate its seasonal Shamrock Shake. The “Shambow,” short for Shamrock Rainbow, appeared on Wednesday night next to a pop-up shop where customers could pick up a complimentary Shamrock Shake.This display was meant to help people “shake” off the gloomy winter season and get ready for spring.

Samsung helps Londoners take spectacular low-light photos to promote the Galaxy S9

  • The Scoop: To launch its Galaxy S9 and S9+ smartphones, Samsung put on a light show that shined upon London’s most famous monuments across the Thames from Pottersfield Park onto the London’s Leadenhall Building. “The Night Reimagined” installation project was not only a marvelous spectacle, but also an ideal night-time photo opp for Londoners to test out the Galaxy’s low-light photography features. The light show, composed of 16 state-of-the-art laser lights, casted vibrant lines of color across the sky for about three days, allowing viewers to capture different perspectives with their Galaxy phones.


This pickle recipe has been saved almost 100,000 times on Pinterest

  • The Scoop: A copycat recipe for Texas Roadhouse’s fried pickle appetizer has been saved more than 98,000 times on Pinterest. This recipe, which is now the most popular recipe on the platform, comes from a blog called All She Cooks and takes only 20 minutes to make. According to Pinterest, pickle recipes in general are rising in saves 114% year over year, indicating a massive trend for variations of the salty snack.

Trolli just dropped giant gummy versions of James Harden’s sneakers

  • The Scoop: Popular candy brand Trolli has released giant candy shoes, inspired by James Harden’s newest Adidas sneakers, the Harden Vol. 2. The Houston Rockets basketball player has been a face of the gummy candies since 2016 with the introduction of Weird Beards gummies that looked like his bearded face and Trolli Sour Brite Sneaks inspired by his previous Adidas shoe. The six- to seven-pound version of the sneaker gummies rolled out sneakerhead-style, first appearing on StockX (a site known as a destination for rare sneaker collectors) and will be available through a raffle.