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Snapchat introduces group video chat and friend tagging in Stories

  • The Scoop: This week Snapchat is releasing several new features including “Mentions,” which allows users to tag friends in stories, as well as make group video calls.  “Mentions” is enabled by typing “@” followed by the person’s username, which will allow viewers of that story to swipe up for the option to add the tagged person as a friend or view their public stories. The tagged person will be notified in that chat window of their mention. The new chat feature allows up to 16 friends to participate in a group video chat (which supports the use of video filters for each user), or up to 32 people to participate in a group voice chat. These new features will roll out globally this week.

Giphy Is Back on Instagram and Snapchat After Claiming to Have Solved Its Racist Sticker Problem

  • The Scoop: After a racist Giphy sticker was discovered, prompting Instagram and Snapchat to remove the GIF app’s offerings from their platforms, both apps have finally reintegrated the sticker app. Giphy has reviewed their content manually multiple times, and has “fixed the bug” in their “content moderation filters” that allowed the racist GIF to slip through the cracks. Time will tell if Giphy’s diligence in addressing this issue will successfully block further offensive user-generated content from being uploaded.


Fox Sports and 23andMe help you find rooting interest in the World Cup


  • The Scoop: Fox sports and genetic-research firm 23andMe have partnered up to create “Root for Your Roots,” a campaign which aims to help soccer enthusiasts find a biological connection to 2018 FIFA World Cup teams from around the world with their DNA. Fox Sports’ in-house research team determined that 58% of fans who don’t know their ancestral origins said they would watch the World Cup if they could pinpoint their roots. A 30-second commercial features international soccer stars Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal), Lionel Messi (Argentina) and Neymar (Brazil), and is set to launch Thursday on FS1 to encourage viewers to use 23andMe’s services to find their ancestral roots.


Domino’s latest digital offering is a video game


  • The Scoop: Domino’s has dropped “Piece of the Pie,” a mobile game as part of a new campaign to promote the pizza chain’s new loyalty program. The game features six physics-themed challenges, requiring users to navigate through obstacles using pizza-cutters, meatballs and more. Along with ordering from the restaurant in-store, online or by the phone, scoring points in the game is another way to earn points to get free pies from Domino’s.

Krispy Kreme Has Finally Created a Simpsons-Inspired D’ohnut


  • The Scoop: After 29 years of Homer Simpson’s obsession with doughnuts on The Simpsons, Krispy Kreme has released “The D’ohnut” in his honor. The pastry was modeled after the iconic cartoon version with white chocolate truffle strawberry icing and rainbow sprinkles and a name inspired by Homer’s catch phrase. Currently, “The D’ohnut” (unfortunately for those of us in the USA) is only available at Krispy Kreme and 7-Eleven locations in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia until April 30.