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Snapchat Introduces 3 New Capabilities of Its Augmented Reality Lenses With ‘Shoppable AR’

  • The Scoop: Snapchat is introducing three new “Shoppable AR” tools for its augmented reality lenses. The first “website” tool aims to boost the platform’s role in social commerce, allowing users to tap a button to open a web page promoting a product or sign-up page. The “video” tool allows users to watch a trailer or a how-to short. Finally, “install” prompts users to install an app (or open the app if the user already has it on their phone). These new features are part of Snapchat’s continued effort to convince brands that AR lenses are necessary for a well-rounded marketing strategy. Clairol and Adidas are among some of the first companies to use these features on the platform.

Facebook lets creators turn video premieres into live events

  • The Scoop: Facebook is now testing Premieres, a new feature that allows creators to release pre-recorded videos on Facebook Live. With Premiers creators can set pop up reminders and calendar events for the premier of content. This feature, which even allows real-time chats, will help foster live engagement as audiences can tune into streams of pre-recorded videos. Premieres is currently available for select publishers, creators, and shows, and will be released “more broadly” in the near future.


Amex cashes in on Coachella with shoppable AR feature

  • The Scoop: American Express has partnered with annual music and arts festival, Coachella, to create an augmented reality feature for the event’s official app. Amex cardholders can use the app’s AR camera anywhere on festival grounds to view and purchase select merchandise. Additionally, cardholders have special access to Amex events during the festival (such as free embroidery) as well as a VIP area at the Parker Springs Hotel. With approximately 250,000+ people attending Coachella’s two weekend festival, this multifaceted campaign is generating excitement among quite a large audience.

4 Million People Used the Crocs Snapchat Lens in Its First 10 Days

  • The Scoop: Shoe brand, Crocs, released a branded AR Snapchat lens that allows users to digitally wear a large Crocs Classic Clog on their heads. As part of the “Come as You Are Campaign,” (which also includes an ad featuring a singing Drew Barrymore) this filter has been used by over 4 million unique users in its first 10 days. Users are encouraged to enter the brand’s contest by submitting a selfie using the filter for the chance to win a Crocs prize worth over $400.


Adidas Created Personalized Videos for 30,000 Boston Marathon Runners in 24 Hours

  • The Scoop: Adidas created a customized video in just 24 hours for each of the 30,000+ runners in this year’s Boston Marathon. With an 18-person crew and 27 hours of footage captured along the course, there were checkpoints throughout the race to track each runner’s pace, time and location throughout the marathon. Each personal highlight film includes the runner’s name, their times at checkpoints on the course, and a personal clip taken at one point during the race. Videos can be found on the “Here To Create A Legend” site by Adidas.  Fifteen percent of the videos rendered have been shared on Facebook, resulting in over 8,000 comments and 36,000-plus reactions.

This Chocolate Frosted Flakes Record Actually Plays Music

  • The Scoop: PrettyMuch, a Los Angeles boy band arranged by Simon Cowell, has paired up with Kellogg’s to release a vinyl record for their song “Hello” – made out of Chocolate Frosted Flakes. A video has been released to show the creation process, beginning with a core of the cereal, followed by layers of both milk and dark chocolate, and completed with silhouette cutout of Frosted Flakes mascot Tony the Tiger (who is also featured in the song’s music video). The album is both edible and playable thanks to grooves that were created by pressing the record into a 3D printed mold. Free copies of the record will be available at Kellogg’s NYC store while supplies last.