Instagram’s Testing a New, 4-Wide Layout, Which Could Cause a Presentation Re-Think for Marketers

  • The Scoop: Instagram has recently been testing its layout design by adding a new column to the profile look. For the test, the original three panel layout design has been expanded to a four panel layout to display posted material. By having more images in frame, it may increase user engagement, as there is 25% more content to take in on each line.At the moment, this feature is only available to select users and Instagram has yet to confirm whether this update will officially be released to all users or not.


Instagram Adds a New Way to Reply to DMs with Text Overlaid on an Image

  • The Scoop: Instagram’s newest way to respond to direct messages allows colored text to be included on an image. With nearly 375 million monthly Instagram DM users, the platform has been trying to make it as fun and user friendly as possible. Instagram is also encouraging brands to use the new DM features for interactive communication with customers by including product images and “how to” descriptions.


Facebook Is Testing a ‘Snooze’ Feature That Will Make Wedding Season Safe Again

  • The Scoop: Facebook is reportedly testing a new “Snooze Button” feature that will allow users to temporarily remove certain friends from their News Feed for up to a month. The feature will let users briefly unfollow friends, Groups, and Pages. Facebook tells TechCruch.com that the company is “testing new ways to give people control over their News Feeds so they can stay connected with the stories they find most relevant”. To access it, users select “Snooze” from the drop-down menu on a post in their news feed – the same menu in which users find the unfollow button for accounts. Ideally, Facebook’s Snooze Button will be a permanent feature by Spring 2018.


Facebook Testing Group Video Chat App Bonfire

  • The Scoop: Facebook confirmed that it is testing the group video chat application, Bonfire, in Denmark. The app’s listing on the iTunes App Store for Denmark reads, “Welcome to Bonfire, a new way to group video chat. With Bonfire, you can video chat up with to eight friends and their friends, plus play with effects and take pictures of your video chats.” Users can play with effects and take pictures of their video chats to share on Instagram, Facebook, Messenger and other social media platforms all while in the Bonfire app.  


Snapchat is bringing virtual Bitmojis into the real world

  • The Scoop: Last year, Snapchat acquired the Bitmoji app for$64 million,since then it has become widely used on the platform. A new  update is introducing 3D Bitmojis, which are accessible through the app’s rear facing camera alongside popular effects like the dancing hot dog. Every day, approximately one third of Snapchat’s 173 million daily active users interact with its augmented reality (AR) camera filters. Snapchat wants to be a leader in the AR technology realm, to bring virtual objects into the real world. A Snapchat spokesperson said, “Bitmojis have an emotional, playful appeal [our] community often uses them daily on Snapchat and elsewhere as a personal extension of themselves.”


Pinterest’s new Sections feature begins beta testing, public launch in ‘weeks’

  • The Scoop: Pinterest is adding Sections – a new feature that allows Pinterest users to compartmentalize a board into various sub-groups in relation to the board’s main topic. For example, if users are redesigning their home, one might create sections for sofas, rugs, lamps and paint colors. Sections was recently launched in beta testing, but hasn’t made its way to all of Pinterest’s users at this time. The format may change between now and its public debut as the company responds to the feedback from its early adopters. Pinterest CEO and co-founder, Ben Silbermann, says “We really just built it because we think it would make the product more useful. We think people are going to enjoy it, and when they do, hopefully they’ll use Pinterest more in their everyday life.”



How Snickers Used Social Media Outrage to Fuel the Year’s Most Innovative Media Plan

  • The Scoop: Snickers, using their tagline“you’re not you when you’re hungry” launched an activation tolink the public’s general sentiment on the internet with the cost of a Snickers bar. The more outraged people were online, the cheaper the candy became at Australian 7-Eleven stores. The ‘hungerithm’ used on social media platforms monitored people’s outrage during problematic times like traffic jams and political turmoil. The promotion updated about 140 times per day which changed the price of a Snickers bar over 5,000 times during the five-week period. A media partnership put ongoing price updates on two of the country’s top morning shows so consumers could follow along – it quickly became a national pastime.



Burger King and Sainsbury’s Just Ran the First Snapchat Ads Shot Entirely on Spectacles

  • The Scoop: Burger King and Sainsbury’s are the first two companies to use Snapchat’s Spectacles to shoot ads that appear on Snapchat. Burger King introduced their Spectacle content on National Cheeseburger Day while Sainsbury’s debuted in the UK only.