Facebook is testing a way for you to share your Instagram Stories directly to Facebook


  • The Scoop: Instagram is experimenting with a new feature that allows people to share their Instagram Story directly to Facebook. This is still in the initial testing phase, so there are no promises that it will be kept as a permanent feature. A spokesperson for Instagram stated “we are always testing ways to improve the experience on Instagram and make it easier to share any moment with the people who matter to you.” The main push for sharing Instagram Stories on Facebook stems from the growing popularity of Instagram Stories, as more than 250 million people use the feature daily, while Facebook’s Story feature struggles for participation.


Twitter has an unlaunched tweetstorm feature


  • The Scoop: Recently, Twitter built a feature that helps users chain tweets together  to correctly create a thread. Tweetstorm is now a link of tweets that are all correlated as a story, research, mini blog post or news. Threads used to be interrupted by replies, quote tweets or other tweets submitted that did not parallel with the thread’s information. With Tweetstorm, users can tweet more refined content for an uninterrupted stream of thought. Although this feature is fully functioning, there is no launch date for when it will be released to the public.


Snapchat wants to get deeper into news, so it’s adding college newspapers to Discover


  • The Scoop: College newspapers are being added to Snapchat’s Discover section. Snapchat plans to partner with colleges across the U.S. to bring their newspapers to the platform. This new section will be called “Campus Publisher Story” and will resemble a magazine style layout that existing partners like ESPN and Buzzfeed create daily. The content produced will be viewed with ads and the money earned will be split with the college newspaper and Snapchat. Many generations take to social media to consume their daily news, therefore Snapchat is trying to produce more news content that reaches across the demographics. 

YouTube launches HDR playback on select mobile devices


  • The Scoop: Youtube is expanding its High Dynamic Range (HDR) capabilities to mobile devices. At first, it will be only available for Android devices and eventually iOS devices.Youtube says it will continue to work with mobile industry partners to bring HDR playback to more devices over time. The plan is to support new HDR capable devices as they enter the market because YouTube’s HDR requires VP9 Profile 2. The technology is still not broadly adopted, but YouTube points to a few other resources for finding HDR quality videos. HDR videos offer better picture quality, with higher contrast that allows users to see more vibrant colors and make out more of the image in darker scenes.


Bumble Created a Food Truck That Served Actual Catfish to Promote a Photo-Verification Feature

  • The Scoop: Bumble created a pop-up food truck as a promotional event to joke about people who notoriously ‘catfish’ on dating apps. Catfishing, in which users create fake profiles that vary drastically from their actual looks or personality, has become widespread across social media. To combat this, Bumble has implemented a photo verification feature, in which users are required to take a selfie for the technology to determine if the selfie image matches the user’s profile. As a promotion for this new feature, Bumble brought branded food trucks to NYC streets and served catfish tacos. Branded napkins and cups, that read “Bottoms Up, Bottom Feeders Down” were also provided to users. Customers received free food in exchange for downloading Bumble’s updated app. 

Watch This College Freshman Hand Out Mentos to 43,000 Of His Closest Friends


  • The Scoop: Mentos chose one brand ambassador at the the University of Wisconsin-Madison to hand out 43,000 packs of gum. Sam, a college freshman at the University, had no idea he would be the only one to hand the packs out to every single student on campus. Once Sam handed out all the packs, Mentos awarded the campus with a free concert featuring DJ Khaled and paid Sam’s tuition for the school year. Along the journey, Sam documented his gum experience on a microsite, ‘’, shot video of all his encounters, had people use the hashtag #SamHasMentoGum and used other social media platforms to record his adventure.


World’s first VR brain surgery film will satisfy your scientific curiosity


  • The Scoop: The neurosurgical team at The Royal London Hospital have published the first 360 VR film of its kind. The film shows a patient undergoing surgery to treat life-threatening brain aneurysms. With a combination of 360 HD cameras and head-mounted GoPros, the experience allows viewers to see the surgery both from the surgeon and patient point of view. Chris Scattergood, Co-Founder of Fundamental VR, said “recording the entire procedure in VR enables us to start the process of recreating the surgery in a VR simulation, one where trainee surgeons can practice the key stages of the procedure in a safe virtual operating room, and actually feel in their hands the textures of all of the different tissue types using our FeelReal VR solution.”