Instagram just announced its biggest and most controversial update yet

The Scoop: Instagram is releasing a new update that allows users to upload slideshows instead of one individual post. This new change is inspired by users who have times where “they want to share more than just one moment from a memorable experience in their feed.” This gallery option has been available to advertisers for a while not, but not to the general public. Slideshows will allow Instagrammers to upload up to 10 photos at a time under the same stream.


Envisioning the Snapchat phone of the future

The Scoop: Snapchat just keeps getting bigger and better. Snapchat has hinted about developing more ‘hardware’ and has recently hired dozens of new employees who specialize in building cellphones. Snapchat wants to make it clear that it is more than just a short term messaging app but that it is in fact an essential detail in society. Critics and designers are predicting what they suspect the rumored cell phone may be like. This would not be Snapchat’s first hardware product as it debuted its Snapchat sunglasses not too long ago.  

Facebook tries to offer music labels a YouTube alternative

The Scoop: Facebook is hoping to tackle the music industry as its next feat. The social network is working with record labels to sign a deal that would govern user-generated videos that include music and eventually professional music and videos directly from the videos. Facebook and music publishers and trade associations have been discussing the opportunity to possibly license music for the entire site. If finalized, this could be the push Facebook needs to distinguish itself from other social media platforms.   

Facebook’s TV app gives content creators yet another way to get their work seen

The Scoop: Facebook announces a television app that will soon launch on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Samsung Smart TVs. The new app allows users to “watch videos shared by friends or Pages you follow, top live videos from around the world, and recommended videos based on your interests.” Although it does not want to present itself as a media company, Facebook is beginning to function like one step by step. Facebook has just hired a former MTV executive to head original video content and is looking to increase the amount of live streams and popular news and pop culture clips it offers.


YouTube Red is launching original children’s programming

The Scoop: YouTube has recently expressed its interest in developing original content, and included in this new content is children’s programming. YouTube Red, the site’s online video streaming service, will debut four new children’s shows and will continue with the 20 items of original content that is has been producing since 2016. With the two year anniversary of its children’s app, YouTube crates this content to satisfy its 30 billion and counting adolescent viewers.


Tinder buys video app Wheel to make itself more like Snapchat

The Scoop: Tinder is aiming to detach itself from its “hook up” app reputation and evolve itself into a more social app. The dating app has just bought Wheel, whose signature product is an app that allows users to create video based stories. Tinder is planning to integrate Wheel’s capability into the app for the ability to upload photos and videos for followers to view that will automatically delete after a designated period of time – paralleling Snapchat’s format. Tinder, with its 1.7 million paying users, is hoping this new update will get the app a competitive edge over Match and other dating sites.  




7 reasons why Facebook will autoplay sound despite complaints

The Scoop: Facebook announces that it will continue to utilize autoplay, unless users are already listening to music through a different app. The network will continue to enable autoplay because it reduces the need for subtitles, it has received positive feedback during initial tests, video advertisers prefer it, and of course because it works well on snapchat. 

YouTube will phase out 30-second unstoppable ads after this year

The Scoop: In efforts to “providing a better ads experience for users online” YouTube will stop supporting 30-second unskippable ads and instead focus on other formats. Brands can still make unskippable but they must be 15-20 seconds. The site is hoping to find a happy medium to make users better tolerate the length and quantity of ads while still giving brands the platform they need to effectively advertise.

29% of consumers get most of their news from social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter

The Scoop: A new study shows that 29% of consumers obtain news via social media as opposed to watching a news broadcast or reading a newspaper. Not only does this 29% obtain news online, but this 29% would also rather live stream a program than be at the program itself. Additionally, only 15% of consumers feel that online video is more authentic than television. This study gathered information from users 18 – 44.



Spotify builds more funny ads around user data, this time saluting goofy playlist names

The Scoop: Spotify reveals a new campaign that combs through listener data to amusingly call out unusually named playlists. These ads will run for six weeks in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. Aside from the ads that read: “‘I don’t know how to make a playlist’” is a playlist someone made, somehow”, the campaign also includes video ads that feature artist like DNCE and D.R.A.M. who discuss the inclusion of their songs in the oddly named playlists.



Snap starts selling spectacles online in the US for $130

The Scoop: Snapchat’s parent company, snap, has begun selling its spectacles online in the United States. The new sunglasses come in three different colors and allow users to record photos and up to 30 seconds of video to upload directly to their snapchat account. These spectacles feature a tiny camera and an automated light that shines to let surrounding people know that the glasses are recording. These Snap Spectacles retail at $129.99 and come with a special charging case and cable.   


Milking a cow is now a party game thanks to Nintendo

The Scoop: Nintendo has just released its ‘1-2-Switch’ to rethink how gamers play games. ‘1-2-Switch’ is a set of mini-games strictly geared for face-to-face digital gaming with 28 new mini games like milking a cow. With various sensors and buttons the new controllers allow users to play with friends whenever and wherever. Games are meant to be played face to face and simulate different interactive activities. The console is inspired by Wii games and embody the same hand-held format.

The Supreme NYC MetroCard is popping up on eBay for 30x its retail cost

The Scoop: Popular streetwear brand, Supreme, is known for its wild statement clothes and wild accessories and it’s 2017 spring/summer collection is nothing short. Supreme has collaborated with the Metropolitan Transit Authority to create a custom logo Metro Card for New York transit riders. The card comes with 2 free fares already loaded onto the card and does not expire until 3/31/18. Supreme officially releases the card February 23 on its website, but exclusive copies have already been found on eBay starting at $79.99


Now you can shop with Google Home – just like on Amazon Echo

The Scoop: Google has just announced that its Google Home now offers shopping via the Google Assistant feature. Users can now talk directly to Google Home and say “Ok Google, order paper towels” and the product will connect to Costco, Whole Foods, Walgreens, Bed Bath & Beyond, and over 50 other participating retailers. Users just need to set up a Google account with a credit card on file and can start shopping instantly.


Giphy celebrates black culture with delightful GIF series

The Scoop: The leader in GIF creations, GIPHY, has always created the funniest and culturally relevant GIFs and they continue to do so during February. Giphy started a new Black History Month series with original illustrations highlighting important work of black leaders like Toni Morrison John Lewis, Shirley Chisolm, and James Baldwin. There are also new sub channels like black love, black boy joy, and black hair within the Black History Month section. GIPHY is striving to promote more diversity and representation for all cultural groups, not just African Americans during February. Curators are aiming to showcase all different ages, sexual orientations, body types and more to express as many people and identities as possible.