Facebook is expanding Ad breaks for live and uploaded video

The Scoop: Facebook is expanding its advertising opportunities into three main sectors – in stream video ads for publisher websites, ad breaks for Facebook Live videos, and ad breaks for uploaded publisher videos. Facebook representative says “we’re committed to continuing to work with our partners to develop new monetization products and ad formats for digital video. Facebook’s Audience Network allows advertisers to upload their ads and bids to Facebook in advance – allowing us to quickly run an auction and return an ad that’s a good experience for the person watching it. Targeting capabilities help monetize in stream ads to reach specific audience segments.”

Snapchat debuts AR gaming with improved lens

The Scoop: Snapchat receives a new lens that integrates an augmented reality gaming feature. With the Princess and Queen lens users look for five augmented reality gems hidden on the screen. After finding the gems users can unlock an upgraded lens. This new game introduces yet another era for Snapchat and allows for more complex games on social media.


WhatsApp launches Status, its nod to Snapchat

The Scoop: International text messaging app, WhatsApp is the latest app to add a Snapchat-like feature. Status allows users to upload photos and videos to a private stream that automatically deletes after 24 hours. WhatsApp has says Status embodies a similar format that has widely been adapted, but WhatsApp has worked to make Status unique. The app’s representative also says “we’re not adding ads to WhatsApp, and we don’t have plans to do that”, so users shouldn’t worry about experiencing any disruptions.

T-Mobile USA is helping Twitter break in a new customer-service feature: custom profiles for DMs

The Scoop: Twitter is making customer service easier for consumers. T-Mobile is the first company to help launch this platform that allows a company to create custom profiles in direct messages with a name, title, and a picture of the customer-care agent helping them. The goal is to “bring a human element to private conversations, as well as to make it clearer when users are interacting with chat bots or actual people.” This feature is currently in the beta stage and Twitter is accepting applications for businesses looking to add the feature to its profiles.



Are influencer collaborations going to save the beauty industry?

The Scoop: The Beauty industry is noticing a huge rise in the amount of influencer partnered collaborations in the beauty industry. Consumers relate more to influencers than traditional celebrities because they feel influencers are just like them. Some being self taught, beauty influencers are personable and well connected with their fan base. Perhaps this is why influencer collaborations in the prestige makeup division brought in an average of twice the money of traditional celebrity-led ones in their first month. With upward trends like these, it seems that influencers are the leading force in the beauty world and will arguably carry the beauty industry into the future.

A look at the gaming industry’s influencer marketing challenges

The Scoop: Research shows that influencer marketing has now become just as popular as video advertising. Particularly for the gaming world partnering with influencers to create sponsored content on their YouTube channels receives great engagement. Consumers feel more connected to these influencers sharing products on their channels, as opposed to standard advertisement videos that are generic and impersonal. It is reported that 90 percent of gamers turn to YouTube at least weekly for a gaming advice, while 64 percent of gamers download games after seeing them on YouTube. It seems that marketing strategies will favor YouTube influencers more and more in the future.




Oreo’s latest gimmick lets fans virtually launch cookies into space via Google earth

The Scoop: Oreo Dunk Challenge is a new mobile game that allows users to launch the cookie into space and watch as they fall into glasses of milk. With the official Oreo game fans can take a picture of a real life Oreo and once the game has allowed for “cookie recognition” the cookie transforms into a virtual picture and simulates the motion as users shake their phone. With Christina Aguilera and Shaquille O’ Neal as spokespeople, Oreo is hoping to celebrate the “global celebration of the brand’s iconic dunking ritual.”