Twitter continues to try to be a nicer place to tweet

The Scoop: Twitter is now implementing tools that automatically identifies a harmful tweet and reduces visibility of the account deemed harmful. Users who routinely violate Twitter’s rules or replies to accounts that it does not follow will be placed in “Twitter jail” in which its tweets become invisible to users who do not follow it. The site has also improved its filters and muting options, allowing users to remove notifications from users who do not have a profile photo or unverified information. Twitter hopes the changes properly address harassment and cut down on any negativity on the site.


Facebook tests reactions and Dislike button (!) on messages

The Scoop: Facebook is testing a new feature to its messaging app. Most notably, the app has included a dislike button that allows users to respond with a thumbs down emoji in messenger conversation. “We’re always testing ways to make Messenger more fun and engaging. This is a small test where we enable people to share an emoji that best represents their feelings on a message” says a Facebook representative says. While the feature is still in its testing phase, it is only available for select users, however, if the feature produces a positive response Facebook will roll it out for all users.

Instagram: all businesses can now run ads in stories

The Scoop: Instagram’s new story feature now allows more advertising opportunities for marketers. Full-screen ads are now available for Instagram story in select areas and will be available globally within the next few weeks. These types of ads were tested by Airbnb, Nike, and Capital One and have proven to be effective advertising for companies.



Goodbye advertising, hello branded content: Comedy Central looks to new ad formats

The Scoop: Comedy Central is revolutionizing the way brands advertise during television programming. Instead of the standard commercials airing in between a television show, the network has begun integrating branded content into programming but running two-and-a-half minute branded content spots integrated into a show once a month, instead of a series of shorter ads. This new format comes as an attempt to better tailor to audiences and make advertising as effective as possible for companies. A rep explains “we do a ton of research on our fans and know they don’t mind being marketed to as long as the content is entertaining, so that informs our approach: let’s make them laugh.” Comedy Central aims to incorporate more of this branded content in the future.



Denny’s got a bit too real with a new meme, and the result is the brand’s best tweet ever

The Scoop: Denny’s Restaurant is celebrating its best tweet ever. The post features a picture of pancakes with butter and syrup on top with copy reading: Zoom in on the syrup. Upon zooming on users find directions with which area of the picture to look at, leading to the final text reading “has this distracted you from overwhelming existential dread lol.” This tweet received 117,821 retweets and 165,230 likes and counting. The popular diner has generated a comical discussion about everyone’s inevitable termination through this tweet and people are really responding to it. Denny’s has been become known for funny tweets with relevant content about social trends and this latest tweet jumps on the meme bandwagon.

Pizza Hut’s smart shoes will order a pie for you

The Scoop: Pizza Hut has created a pair of sneakers that allows users to order pizza directly on their shoes. With a corresponding app, users can set the settings on the shoes and with the touch of button on the tongue of the sneaker, the pizza pie is instantly ordered. These sneakers are not on the market for retail yet but the restaurant confirms that it will be releasing a handful of shoes a handful of shoes to the public at some point in the future.