Twitter wants to stream live video programming 24/7

The Scoop: Twitter is planning to air live video all day, everyday. The brand is planning to show sports, news, and entertainment on both its desktop site and mobile app. Twitter has not announced how soon this feature will be available, but a brand representative explains “we will definitely have 24/7 content on Twitter…Our goal is to be a dependable place so that when you want to see what’s happening, you think of going to Twitter.” The site has already had great success live streaming special events like the Oscars pre and post shows (with 6.8 million viewers), Election Day coverage (with 7.7 million viewers), and NFL programming (with 3.5 million viewers). Additionally, Twitter will offer 15 to 30 second non-skippable commercials for advertisers to capitalize on.                   


The NYT brings its news – and a mini crossword – to Snapchat discover

The Scoop: The New York Times will now feature a “Daily Edition” in Snapchat’s Discover section. Discover houses feature stories from a variety of outlets about fashion, news, and entertainment – so this is a very natural addition. The news update will be published Monday – Friday mornings and “will heavily focus on photos, videos and other visual content. It even includes a mini-crossword puzzle for its younger readers.” The New York Times will include an array of topics including international news, politics, investigative journalism, and lifestyle. The outlet understands that 37% of its readership is youth aged 18 to 34 – a demographic that is largely on Snapchat. Other platforms like The Wall Street Journal, Buzzfeed, CNN, and The Economist have also begun sharing news on the app.


Why Pinterest is dropping its Like button

The Scoop: Pinterest is making efforts to dissociate itself from its “social network” classification. The brand has now discontinued its Like button after “internal research found users better understand the platform without it.” Instead, Pinterest is encouraging users to focus on the Save button to organize favorites and refer back to in the future. Pinterest would like to re-establish itself as a creative outlet and “visual discovery business” instead of a social network along the likes of Facebook and Instagram. This branding effort is a natural progression for the brand, as it recently launched the Pinterest lens search tool and a tap-and-shop feature just a few months ago to focus on productivity.  


Snapchat wants to grow its ad business by making it easier to buy geofilters

The Scoop: Snap Inc., maker of Snapchat, has just expanded its advertising opportunities to allow partners in the UK, US, Australia and Canada to create sponsored geofilters. Snapchat is hoping that marketers will fully utilize this new development that enables them to buy, manage and report analytics for these localized filters – in addition to the already available full screen video ad options. Consumers can still purchase a geofilter, but users’ main filter options will be sponsored ones.




Ikea responds to Balenciaga’s copycat move

The Scoop: For years, Ikea shoppers have identified with the retailer’s trademark bright blue tote bags to use for in-store shopping and to carry products home in. This “Frakta” bag has been unparalleled, inexpensive, and unadvertised, that is until Balenciaga decided to replicate it. “The Arena extra large shopper” is the exact same color, style, and size as Ikea’s tote – except it is outfitted with leather material, a $2,145 price tag, and a high end fashion label from Balenciaga. In response, Ikea developed a witty ad listing the 4 ways to separate the real Ikea bag from the fake Balenciaga bag – “it rustles when it shakes, it can carry an array of things such as hockey gear, bricks and water, it cleans up easily with a dousing from a garden hose and it’s price tag of just 99 cents.” With such a simple design and concept, the ad has gone somewhat viral, as people appreciate the humor and camaraderie between the two companies. One of the developers for Ikea’s ad explains Balenciaga was “unexpected and brilliant, I like the flirt, and I thought ‘why not flirt back? And we did.’”


Unicorn Frappuccino mania: Starbucks aims at Instagram

The Scoop: Starbucks strived to make the perfect Instagrammable drink and it worked. The popular chain released a limited edition Unicorn Frappuccino filled with pink and blue syrup and whipped cream and used social media as its primary marketing tactic. This frappuccino, released under the company’s “secret” menu, gained at least 100,000 tags on Instagram and has been tried by countless Americans – even pop singer, Katy Perry. A brand spokesperson explains “the look of the beverage was an important part of its creation, our inspiration came from the fun, spirited and colorful unicorn-themed food and drinks that have been trending in social media.” While some people have remarked on the frappuccino’s poor taste, calling it “the worst drink I have ever purchased in my life”, this beverage was a sure success for Starbucks as fan’s posts circulated all throughout social media; going beyond just instagram.                    




IBM wants future delivery drones to pass of your packages in mid-air

The Scoop: IBM has just announced a patent that should create a relay system for delivery drones, in the hopes that these drones can pass packages to one another in the future. The drones would be programmed with advanced technology and feature extension arms to extend and lock in flight. This program is still in initial patent form and has not been tested yet, but the company is confident is should be a success. If perfected, these drones will change shipping forever and send packages beyond the current limited range for distribution hubs and drones.                       


Heineken ad pairs up strangers with opposing views on transgender rights, climate change and feminism

The Scoop: Heineken has just released its “Worlds Apart: An Experiment” commercial with high praise. The beer company’s commercial features strangers paired up discussing transgender rights, climate change and feminism while meeting each other for the first time. While following instructions for building a bar, a video plays of each person sharing their opinions on the said issues. After building the bar and watching each other’s videos, the pair have the option to stay and discuss their differences over a Heineken beer or leave, no pressure either way. In the end, the pairs decide to stay, have a beer and attempt to calmly understand each other. While there are some people skeptical of the ad’s authenticity, it has widely been accepted by the larger public. The social media response has been positive, with users tweeting “the new ad is sublime. Absolutely amazing and the world of advertising needs more just like it.” Following Kendall Jenner’s failed Pepsi ad, which has been slammed for its tone deaf approach to save society with a drink, Heineken offers are more conscious ad that tackles similar concepts.