Instagram launches selfie filters, copying the last big Snapchat feature

The Scoop: Instagram has just released selfie filters for Instagram Stories. Users can now apply butterfly crowns, glasses, koala ears, or makeup effects to photos and videos on the app. In addition, Instagram offers even more features that parallel Snapchat’s – like the ability to rewind videos and use an eraser tool to remove drawings on an image. Most notably, Instagram now allows hashtag stickers to be added to stories, which allows users to look at other public stories with the same hashtag. These new features can be used for Instagram Direct and Boomerang and are sure to be a fan hit.      


Snapchat rolls out a trio of new ad products using its lenses and geofilters

The Scoop: Snapchat unveils World Lenses, Audience Lenses, and Smart Geofilters for sponsored and branded content. With over 1 billion Geofilter views per day and over 1 in 3 users enjoying Snapchat filters everyday, brands are aiming to capitalize on the popularity of these features. Brands can now create filters that include 2D or 3D floating objects that explode when tapped through World Lenses. Snapchat will also allow advertisers to buy Audience Lenses, which are basically regionally targeted lenses, and purchase a guaranteed number of Lens impressions for a specific audience. The new Smart Geofilters are an expansion to the already offered Geofilters, except they automatically add location and other real-time information to a nationwide or chain geofilter. This allows ad filters to automatically include the name of a school or college, airport name, neighborhood, and more. As Instagram and Facebook rise as competitors, Snapchat is hoping to be the main outlet marketers use for interactive story advertising.


Here’s the latest way Facebook is copying Snapchat

The Scoop: Facebook is just the latest social outlet to offer face filters to its Stories feature. The app will allow for eight new filters consisting of crowns, animal ears, and glasses. Facebook will also allow marketers to sponsor filters and have logos permanently displayed on photos. The company is hoping that this update will keep users engaged on the Facebook mobile app.

YouTube 360 video coming to TV screens, game consoles soon

The Scoop: YouTube is preparing to offer 360 video to the larger market. The feature will soon be available on Android TV devices and allow users to stream YouTube 360 content right at home. Within the next few months, YouTube is also aiming to offer the feature on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Samsung and LG 2017 4K TVs. Viewers can use game controllers and remotes to navigate the 360 video and there are even some 360 videos that can currently be found on the YouTube app.



Marriott Rewards campaign creates a ‘tv show on Snapchat’

The Scoop: In an effort to connect to the younger generation of travellers, Marriott has created a global content series on Snapchat. Marriott is partnering with four different influencers who will document their experiences staying at Marriott resorts in New York City, Dubai, Seoul, and Berlin. The first video, featuring Berlin, has launched on the the brand’s Snapchat, Facebook, and Youtube channels. The Marriott Rewards company, which also houses Starwood Preferred Guest and The Ritz-Carlton Rewards, is hoping that these influencers will appeal to the next generation and encourage them to stay with the Marriott hotel chain while traveling.       


There’s no yoga in Lululemons’ First Global Campaign

The Scoop: Popular Vancouver brand, Lululemon has just launched its first global campaign that is all about yoga, and yet not about yoga at all. The brand, formerly known as a yoga-lifestyle brand, has been creating yoga clothes and accessories for 19 years now. However, this new ad – featuring people playing instruments, dancing, rapping, and even drawing – does not display anyone doing yoga. Instead it highlights nonviolence, patience, breath, self-discipline, and other traits learned from yoga. Lululemon exemplifies the ways people practice forms of yoga everyday, whether they know it or not, and thus, how the brand easily appeals to all lifestyles. Exec-VP of brand and community at Lululemon, Duke Stamp, explains that “the irony is that it’s all about yoga.” Until now, the brand has solely relied on grassroots marketing and word-of-mouth, and is hoping that this new campaign helps the athleisure brand reach a broader audience. This is just one of the ways Lululemon will begin its expanded digital, social, and TV marketing.   



Netflix wants to do its part to make sure your ex is forgotten

The Scoop: Netflix allows users to alter their “recommended for you” suggestions to erase the past viewing history they may have had with an ex. Netflix has laid out the step by step process for going into settings and changing an account profile. This is vital for eliminating memories of an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend and to stop recommendations that may be tailored to a friend who was watching programming on the account. Overall, Netflix is working to strengthen its methods of personalization to ensure users are recommended programs they are sure to enjoy.