Instagram begins letting you hide all those hideous overly filtered pics from 2012

The Scoop: With “Archive” Instagrammers can now hide embarrassing photos, instead of deleting them. This option can be found in the “…” section where users usually find options and setting for a post. Users can still view these hidden photos under the archive section and can even restore them on their profiles if wanted. Instagram is hoping that this minor change helps users continue to have fun and enjoy the app.

Logitech Relevance: Low. This will be especially interesting for influencers as they try to polish their profiles for effective branding, but if any of our brands want to “clean up” their accounts, this option makes that possible without deleting everything.     


Here’s how Twitter aims to entice you into cozy DM exchanges with brands

The Scoop: Twitter is trialing Direct Message Cards as a way to help brands connect with followers via DM. These cards, likely seen on timelines as a promoted tweet, pose a question to users with select answers. Upon clicking one of the templated answers, users are redirected to a DM with the brand to either talk with a representative or view a video with more information on the selected answer. Twitter is hoping that this will help brands engage with users for customer service more easily.   

Logitech Relevance: High. This opens huge potential for Logitech. The brand may be able to re-strategize how it handles customer service and advertising on Twitter.


How to use Snapchat’s new ‘Group Stories’ feature

The Scoop: Snapchat now allows users to create a separate story with selected friends on the app. Similar to regular stories, these “group Stories” automatically expire after 24 hours. With this feature users can name a story and invite users to the shared stream to upload photos and videos that only the invited group can view. Snapchat is hoping that group Stories generate traffic back to the site as Facebook and Instagram Stories have provided stiff competition for consumers’ attention.

Logitech Relevance: Low. Logitech does not currently use Snapchat, however, this may redirect some traffic back to SnapChat from Instagram and Facebook.


Branded Pinterest posts now include an icon that gives marketers a quick glimpse at measurement

The Scoop: Pinterest is rolling out a new feature that gives marketers a small drive-by look at how posts are performing. When brands login to their account, an icon overlays each Pin that breaks down the post’s engagement. When clicked on, the icon pulls up the number of impressions, the number of times people look at a close-up of the Pin, clicks and how many times the post was saved. Pinterest hopes that this will give marketers a better sense of content that performs well on the platform so that they can tweak and craft messages in upcoming campaigns.

Logitech Relevance: Low. Pinterest is not a main outlet for Logitech, however, this offers very easy insight into metrics for sponsored posts on the site. This will be a useful tracking tool if the brand decides to market back to school ideas on Pinterest.    


Pinterest launches that ‘Shazam for food’ feature from HBO’s Silicon Valley

The Scoop: Pinterest has announced a new recipe-finding feature that makes use of computer vision to tell you about a dish when you point your smartphone camera at it. The new feature provides real-time “dish recognition,” which allows Pinterest to then recommend users new recipes, using similar ingredients. This is all part of a broader artificial intelligence push in the tech industry to apply machine learning techniques to everyday life. By training neural networks on huge mounds of data and translating that into a real-time algorithm, tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are now developing software products that can digest and understand the world, from text to photos to even videos.

Logitech Relevance: Low. While scanning plates of food to find new recipes does not really seem useful to Logitech, the algorithm used to do so is useful. Following the real-time trend in technology, it would be great for the brand to incorporate this software on social channels. Who knows, maybe it will be possible for users to scan a product on Pinterest to then get recommendations for an updated version of the product or new item that pairs well.


Facebook’s side-by-side video view could open up new ad inventory outside the news feed

The Scoop:  Facebook’s “watch and scroll” is now available in desktop format. This feature, previously offered to mobile users only, splits screens, allowing users to watch a video while still scrolling through a news feed. Desktop users can even use this feature to watch two videos at once one the split screen. Since videos automatically play silently, videos will venture to the split screen view when a user has enabled the sound on the specific video. This update comes in Facebook’s efforts to move from a mainly text format to a video one. The network is also beginning to phase out organic posts for increased ads and this video feature is a sure way to do so. Analyzers are interested to whether this will significantly boost views and engagement on videos or not.

Logitech Relevance: Very high. This offers serious potential for paid on Facebook and will likely increase the amount of views and engagement earned per segment.




Publishers can now use video ads through Google’s AMP pages

The Scoop: Google unveiled several updates for its AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Ads initiative, including the ability to add video ads, use less battery power and integrate more third-party measurement (such as the analytics platform Moat.) Ultimately, with these added capabilities it will help publishers make more money. Google and Moat say this represents a huge step forward for the industry and consumers, and that attention is the key to branding. Seamless ads and content that load quickly provide a better experience to capture that attention.

Logitech Relevance: High. This offers expanded advertising opportunities for Logitech. These AMP updates will help the brand as social channels pivot even more towards paid videos and stray away from organic content.     


University of Phoenix taps WWII icon Rosie the Riveter to inspire working moms

The Scoop: 180LA has capitalized on a feminist icon, Rosie the Riveter, in an advertisement for the University of Phoenix. In the animated 60-second spot, a tireless mother sees the classic “We Can Do It” Rosie the Riveter poster packed in a box after automation forces her out of a factory job. She then decides to pursue a bachelor’s degree in information technology at the University of Phoenix. This film taps into a relatable, emotional connection with people in similar situations, change perceptions and motivate both personal and professional growth.

Logitech Relevance: Low. This is a fine example of appealing to a target demographic and marketing to it in a way that really hits home. Finding a way to intertwine history and new technology to bridge generations is always great!




Netflix is creating a movie starring Rihanna and Lupita Nyong’o, thanks mostly to Twitter

The Scoop: The viral picture of Rihanna and Lupita Nyong’o sitting front row at a 2014 Miu Miu runway show has officially been turned into a movie. The now iconic image, in which the two are seen sporting glasses and serious facial expressions, was first seen on Tumblr with the caption –  “they look like they’re in a heist movie with Rihanna as the tough-as-nails leader/master thief and Lupita as the serious genius computer hacker.” Two years later, this photo has now resurfaced on Twitter with a new caption – “Rihanna looks like she scams rich white men and Lupita is the computer smart best friend that helps plan the scams.” Fans continued circulating this photo by tagging Rihanna and Nyong’o and asking them to bring this to life. Director, Ava DuVernay, and screenwriter, Issa Rae, joined in on social media and decided to take action with Rihanna and Nyong’o, who had already shown interest in the idea. Netflix has now announced the film will begin production in 2018 and will air exclusively on its site. A representative for Rae has even reported that the people who helped develop the storyline via social media will be credited in the film in some way. Needless, to say fans are thrilled and Twitter is now a more powerful force than ever.  

Logitech Relevance: Medium. This is a huge testament of the power of social media. Logitech is already active on Twitter, listening to its followers and comments, and should continue to do so. We may want to incorporate more polls on Twitter so followers really feel the impact they have on social.


ESL is bringing 5,500-plus hours of E-Sports content to Facebook Live

The Scoop: ESL announced an agreement with the social network that will bring more than 5,500 hours of livestreamed content to Facebook Live, in six languages, globally streamed. Content will include Rank S competitions, an “elite ladder” for the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community, as well as an exclusive weekly 30-minute CS:GO show featuring top players, rising talent and highlights. ESL hopes that with more than 1.94 billion monthly active users on Facebook, this is a huge step toward expanding the reach of e-sports among mainstream audiences.

Logitech Relevance: High. This will be a huge opportunity for Logitech G to advertise and promote new products. Facebook is already a big channel for Logitech, so this should be easy to incorporate moving forward!