Brands on Instagram Can Now Run Click-to-Messenger Ads

The Scoop: Instagram has added the Click-to-Messenger Ads feature to their platform, following in the footsteps of it’s parent company – Facebook. When a user clicks on a click-to-messenger ad they are redirected to a direct message conversation with the business that includes all of the original text, image, and video from the ad. Facebook explains that these new ads “help channel people’s interests on Instagram into an active conversation with [a] business. They can be image, video, or carousel ads, and they’re available in Ads Manager, Power Editor and the API (application-programming interface). [Businesses] can also place click-to-Messenger ads on both Facebook and Instagram to extend [the] reach.”

YouTube attempts to tackle thorny issue of advertising and hateful content

The Scoop: In an effort to minimize the backlash of brands being associated with the hateful content (defined by YouTube as anything that promotes discrimination or disparaging people and individuals based on any “characteristic associated with systematic discrimination or marginalization”) in the ads that air before videos, YouTube has updated its guidelines to identify what content is appropriate for advertisements. Videos that have hateful content, yet still follow community guidelines, will be allowed on the site, however, advertisers will not be able to profit off of them. YouTube has also launched a new Creator Academy course that aids YouTubers in creating content that is more salient to a wider set of advertisers, marketers and more.

Facebook Revives Albums With New Storytelling Features

The Scoop: Facebook has revamped its photo sharing album tool and now allows users to make collaborative albums. In addition to photos, people can now include status updates, videos, check-ins, and even follow these albums. Users can also feature albums on their profile, much like a pinned tweet, to get more views. Facebook hopes this will transition the use of albums from a collection of photos to a storytelling feature.

This Pinterest-like feature on Amazon lets you make idea boards for other Amazon shoppers

The Scoop: Taking a cue from Pinterest, Amazon has rolled out a new feature called “Your Idea Lists” – public lists made in a Pinterest-board style filled with products found on the site. Amazon users can search through any of these created list and find other recommended products. Users can also generate a custom short link to share with friends, or on social media.


Google confirms it will start blocking ‘annoying’ ads on Chrome next year

The Scoop: In an effort to combat the rise in ad blocking extensions, Google’s head of ads and commerce, Sridhar Ramaswamy, has announced Google Chrome will start blocking advertisements that do not follow the Better Ads Standards (Google’s set of new standards set to improve ad experiences for consumers). Google has also created a new reporting system that displays a screenshot to the publisher of an ad deemed unacceptable. The publisher will then be given 30 days to review and resubmit. The site is also running a beta program that will ask those using an ad-block extension or program to remove the extension on certain sites, or choose to pay for content.

Nike’s New Bandages for Kids Double as Comic Strips About Athletes Who Fall but Get Up

The Scoop: In China, Nike has turned children’s bandages into a storytelling method about falling down but then getting back up. The bandages, which come in four sets of fourteen, and are designed to be read as comics about young athletes who played hard, got injured, but were brave enough to continue playing. Executive Creative Director at Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai who developed the idea explains “the idea is incredibly simple: Overprotective parents are afraid to let their children play hard. Our solution is the Nike ‘Badge of Honor.’” These bandages are free with any purchase any of Nike’s “Young Athletes” products at participating Nike stores.


See the Hilarious Viral Volkswagen Ad That the Automaker Was Very Nervous to Run

The Scoop: Volkswagen has released a new Ad in Germany that has gone viral. In the short minute clip, a man attempts to back his car into a parking spot at a horse farm. He can’t seem to do it right, and the horses near him laugh hysterically every time he tries. He drives away frustrated, only to be followed up by another driver who can park perfectly when driving a Volkswagen. The brand was nervous about the reception of this ad, especially in the wake of its emissions scandal just a few years ago, and wasn’t sure if humor was the right route to take. After testing, it scored extremely well: Kantar Millward Brown, a research firm, found that “the video proved to be one of the best automotive videos ever tested, scoring significantly above average on key criteria like enjoyment, brand fit and brand appeal.” Following the release of the ad, it subsequently went viral, earning 2 million views on YouTube.de and 36 million views as a television ad.

Delta Painted Exotic Locales on a Brooklyn Wall for Singles to Snap Selfies Like They’re World Travelers

The Scoop: Delta and Tinder have partnered on a mural in Brooklyn so that people can take pictures in front of paintings of famous places around the world. The #DeltaDatingWall features locations like Paris, London, Hawaii, and more. Delta created this wall to show off the fact that it flies to “the most destinations of any airline from NYC.” On June 17th, Delta will be pairing up with Tinder for an event geared towards local singles, where anyone can get a professional photo taken in front of any of these landmark backdrops. Tinder will also have steps on how to best use the photo, suggesting to upload the photos to a Tinder profile for more swipes right!