Facebook Debuts Additional Measurement Tools to Help Gain Advertiser Trust

The Scoop: Facebook is further developing measurement tools to help give advertisers more data for their campaigns. In addition to updating their ability to track traffic on the mobile app, it will also be adding features that allows advertisers to know whether or not a user who has clicked on an ad has previously interacted the brand. Additionally, brand pages will now be able to track how many followers they get over time, organic and paid followers, where followers came from to get to that page, and their demographics. Finally, there will also be a tool that shows how many times a user recommends a page to their friends and how many users previewed a page without going to the site.

You Can Now Link to Websites on Snapchat, Which is Good News for Brands and Publishers

The Scoop: Snapchat has launched a Paperclip feature that allows users and brands alike to link clips that lead to external websites. This will be great for brands, media companies, influencers, and everyday users who want to drive their followers to outside content via an easily usable and accessible link. This separates Snapchat from competitor Instagram, which currently does not allow working links on organic Instagram content, except for bios. In addition to Paperclip, Snapchat released two new features: Voice Filters and Backdrops. This will allow users to, respectively, change the sound of their voice without changing the visual image, and let users change the colors and designs behind them.

Instagram Now Uses AI to Block Offensive Comments

The Scoop: In an effort to cut down on hateful and offensive comments, Instagram is launching a new AI feature that will filter out words and phrases that are deemed offensive. However, instead of just targeting offensive words, the AI will be trained to analyze comments that seem offensive, and learn how to review the context as a whole. This will minimize false positives.

Facebook Is Testing the Addition of Pages’ Descriptions to Their Cover Images

The Scoop: Facebook is testing a new feature that will allow pages to add descriptions to their cover images to provide users with more info about the brand when they first arrive to the page. In a statement, a spokesperson from Facebook explained that this development is motivated by the desire to “make pages more valuable for people and businesses alike.” Facebook’s spokesperson confirmed the testing of other features, saying “we recently started testing several cover area designs and enhancements to help businesses feature key information more prominently.” These descriptions can be up to 100 characters and can be edited in the information settings of a profile. 



IGN and Twitter Are Livestreaming Together Again, This Time From Comic-Con

The Scoop: Following a successful partnership between IGN and Twitter at E3, another partnership between the two will take place at Comic Con in San Diego. IGN will provide coverage of the event for Twitter to then livestream. Some content that will be covered and livestreamed will include interviews with participants, preshow and post-show commentary, trailers, behind-the-scenes footage, interviews with celebrity attendees, and Twitter conversations including polls and questions from users. This livestream will be available worldwide and there will also be sponsorship opportunities available for advertisers. Both IGN and Twitter have expressed their excitement to embark and a second partnership and believe that it will bring great traction to both businesses. 



When Just Vanilla Won’t Do How About a Blueberry Pie Oreo?

The Scoop: In addition to releasing limited edition flavors such as Jelly Donut, Mississippi Mud Pie and Firework, Oreo has activated a new campaign for fans to create the brand’s next cookie. Users can submit new flavors by posting with the hashtag #MyOreoCreation on social media. Selected top flavors will then be produced for the masses to try and vote on. The fan with the winning flavor will receive a $500,000 prize.  Darren Seifer, an industry analyst at the NPD Group, a market research company, commented on how this move by Oreo is smart when compared to their other options: “Instead of going and spending lots of money on focus groups and taste testing, they’re almost using the power of social media to help them out figure out what’s the next road and what’s the next big thing.”

Facebook Drone Quietly Completes Test Flight in Arizona

The Scoop: Facebook has completed the test flight of Aquila, its solar powered drone. The goal of this drone is to provide worldwide internet access to those who currently are in the dark, and cannot access the internet from where they are located. The first test flight in December failed when Aquila crash landed, but after adding more sensors, spoilers, and a horizontal propeller to help with landing, this second flight was successful. In a statement, Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, emphasized how important this development is in both the world of tech and for the future of our society: “We successfully gathered a lot of data to help us optimize Aquila’s efficiency…No one has ever built an unmanned airplane that will fly for months at a time, so we need to tune every detail to get this right.”