Instagram adds a new creative way to reply to a photo or story


  • The Scoop: Instagram adds a new feature that allows users to edit an original photo sent by another user. The many facets of the feature include being able to draw, flip and shift the photo or first frame of a video as a response. These can be done whether it is a reply to a direct message or an instagram story. A maximum of two photos can be used at a time to apply filters, draw on photos, add stickers, write text and use all those creative tools together. Instagram hopes the feature will continue the conversation between users and add more flair to communication.

Facebook launched a dedicated tab for Safety Check


  • The Scoop: In an attempt to help ease family and friends’ minds during emergency situations, Facebook makes Safety Check a staple feature for users. The idea is that during an unfortunate event, like a terrorist attack or natural disaster, Facebook users are able to assure their network that they are safe and can communicate. Some other aspects include the ability for friends and family to be able to donate money and explore disasters happening globally. Although, there are a few kinks that need to be fixed, Facebook believes the feature should be more efficient within the coming weeks. 

In a Pinch: Pinterest Users Can Now Zoom In on Pins


  • The Scoop: Pinterest has updated its zoom capabilities by allowing users to pinpoint specific colors and textures in a pin. Right now, the “pinching” feature is only available to users on iOS and will be available to Androids in the near future. The visual search engine also makes it easier for users to find specific items in the picture. The product manager, Jeff Harris, reminds users that a visual search can be done throughout the internet if the user utilizes the Pinterest save button.

YouTube starts delivering ‘breaking news’ on its homepage across platforms


  • The Scoop: YouTube is tapping into the news realm with the ‘breaking news’ section that people can tune in to for updates on worldly events. YouTube is pulling from other news networks to display material on this section and will even strive to offer 24-hour news programming. It is possible that this new section will encourage YouTubers to follow the news channels and offer their opinions on the content, thus adding more subscribers to their channels and more web traffic to YouTube. 

Facebook is making a tiny tweak to display logos from publishers more visibly


  • The Scoop: In response to news outlets requesting for more of a presence on social media, Facebook is remodeling its’ news branding approach. The platform is now putting publishers’ logos alongside articles in its Trending and Search sections, offering a bit of branding as context with the content on its platform. Pew Research Center studies found that people cite Facebook as an actual news source, although Facebook does not provide authentic news material. Content is solely pulled from notable outlets such as Fox, CNN and CNBC. This rebranding technique will hopefully add more recognition to news outlets, help Facebook users understand where their news is published, and add trustability to content. 




Facebook and Apple Are About to Take AR Mainstream Here’s How Marketers Are Gearing Up


  • The Scoop: Facebook and Apple are taking the plunge to make AR a mainstream marketing method. Once iOS 11 reaches apple product users in September, they will be able to access the AR experience through the ‘ARKit’. Ikea will be one of the first brands on Apple’s AR platform and will allow users to view furniture and household products in 3D in their homes, without having to go into stores. Facebook is continuing to promote its AR system, Camera Effects Studio, which has only been available for four months. Facebook’s AR has been adopted by brands for new marketing tactics and continues to grow. AR is still a growing concept, so Apple and Facebook are committed to working out any kinks with the platforms as they arise.    

MTV is Using Snapchat, Holograms and Augmented Reality to Drive Tune-Ins for the VMAs


  • The Scoop: The season finale of one of the biggest shows on television right now, Game of Thrones, and the annual VMA’s are competing for viewers attention this coming Sunday night. The creative inhouse team at MTV is launching both an AR and VR experience to draw viewers into watching the award show. MTV utilized the AR app, Holo, to make the iconic VMA’s astronaut a decal hologram that performs popular dances, like the Whip and Nae Nae. Instagram and Snapchat are the two major platforms that MTV is using to promote the show. Preceding the show, MTV is also partnering with girl group, Fifth Harmony, for a behind-the-scenes Instagram Story takeover.




CNN launches daily news show on Snapchat


  • The Scoop: Major news outlet, CNN, is beginning its endeavor with Snapchat for a daily news show that will hopefully draw in a millennial audience. Majority of millennials actively seek their news content on social media and as a result, news outlets are progressively creating more digital material for platforms like Snapchat and Facebook. The new Snapchat CNN show, The Update, will feature a minimum of five news stories that encompass global current events. According to comSource date, CNN has an enormous millennial following, that is ahead of both the New York Times and Buzzfeed. Although The Update is following behind NBC’s Stay Tuned, the main idea is that CNN’s established millennial audience will follow their new channel on Snapchat.