Twitter’s Live Video Service Makes a Big Hire


THE SCOOP: Evan Hansen, the top editor at online publishing upstart Medium, is leaving to join Twitter’s live video push. He will serve at editor in chief of Periscope, the live video app that Twitter acquired last year and has since made a major focus as the company tries to restart growth amid investor pessimism.


How You’re Making Facebook a Money Machine


THE SCOOP: In its first-quarter financial results, released on Wednesday, Facebook in the United States and Canada pulled in $11.86 in advertising revenue per user. That’s what advertisers are willing to pay to catch your attention as you argue with your friends and relatives over Donald Trump or coo over baby pictures or both. Facebook’s revenue was up over 50 percent from a year earlier, while its net income soared nearly 200 percent. Its stock leapt on Thursday as the wider market fell.


Why Instagram Paid Out $10,000 to a 10-Year-Old Finnish Kid


THE SCOOP: A 10-year-old boy from Helsinki received $10,000 from Instagram for finding a serious bug in the app’s comment feature. According to Finnish media, the boy—named only as Jani—found he could delete other people’s comments by inserting malicious code into the comment field. Jani said he could even have executed the attack against the account of Justin Bieber, if he wanted to.


ICYMI: YouTube is getting a Material Design look and feel


THE SCOOP: Google appears to be testing a new design for YouTube. Influenced by the simple Material Design visual look for Android, the updated YouTube looks a lot flatter and cleaner. A Reddit user first discovered how to enable the new design, but you’ll need to be logged out of YouTube or using incognito mode to get it working.

Pinterest Reinvents Itself to Prove It’s Really Worth Billions


THE SCOOP: Nearly three dozen designers and engineers have spent the past several months tearing out the skeleton of Pinterest’s iOS app and rebuilding it. They’ve rethought its design, down to the font. The effort has paid off. Now, as we talk, the bugs are mostly gone. The pins are loading two or three times faster. And the launch is four days ahead of schedule. Who ever heard of an engineering overhaul finishing early?

NBCUniversal and Snapchat ink historic Olympics deal


THE SCOOP: NBCUniversal and Snapchat have united on a first-of-its-kind deal that will let the social media powerhouse feature content from the Olympics. Under the terms of the deal, Snapchat will create a dedicated channel within the app that will display content from the Olympics. This will include daily “live stories” from the network, athletes, and fans.





Dove’s Smart Billboard Turns a Rainy Day Into a Gigantic Times Square Shower


THE SCOOP: Dove’s new billboard in Times Square featured Alice, a Dove “Real Woman,” who looks around as if she’s checking the weather. The billboard followed weather data for signs of rain, and once the droplets hit, Alice began to take a shower. When the rain stopped, she showed off how Dove’s Body Wash had given her softer, smoother skin – even after just a single shower, an idea promoting the campaign’s “just one shower” promise.


Your Cat Can Speak ‘Human’ With Temptations’ Talking Collar


THE SCOOP: Mars Temptations has created a “talking cat collar” to help process meows into human speech. The pet food brand incorporated a microphone, speaker, Bluetooth technology and Wi-Fi into the 3D printed collar. This allows cats’ meows to be recorded, processed, and then “translated” into human speech.



3 Things to Know About the Next Generation of People-Based Marketing


THE SCOOP: Marketers can now tap into the power of their own first-party customer data in combination with third-party data from digital audience platforms. This allows the creation of more meaningful customer experiences than ever before—across media, channels and devices. People-based marketing offers an enormous potential to increase ROI, improve lifetime value and ultimately drive competitive advantage. The downside? It’s extremely difficult to implement.


Time Spent with Facebook Still Growing, but Not by Much


THE SCOOP: This year, Americans will spend more than half of their social networking time on Facebook, according to eMarketer’s latest forecast of time spent with media. Going forward, however, growing competition from other social networks will make it increasingly challenging for Facebook to significantly grow engagement time.