The Program

If you work with a nonprofit that needs communications support, be it around media relations, website development, social media, advertising, or all of the above, then you’ve come to the right place.

We've got a team of incredible strategists and designers that would love to help lend their experience to your cause.
We're committed to making a difference and we can’t wait to get started. Right now there are more incredible tools in the communications toolkit than ever before, tools we want to leverage on your behalf.

Below is an initial list of some of the things we can do to help achieve your goals.

How Can We Help

Media Relations

The art of good old fashioned media relations is alive and well. If you've got a story to tell, we can help build the narrative and then work to get it out to the right publications. From precision pitching to contributed pieces to broadcast to speaking opportunities, we can fire up the media machine in minutes.

Social Media Content

You know social is important, but it takes time and effort to do it right. That's where we come in. From designed 'postcards' to overarching strategy to a turnkey content calendar, we can help you get your social game on track in a big way.


Our design team can expertly take your brand, give it new life, from social media skins to microsites to branding exercises to infographics to powerpoint templates to billboards to posters to… well, just about anything.


Though we can’t do major, major websites pro-bono given our developer resources are limited, we can do super slick splash websites, with killer design and everything you need to look great on tablet and mobile sites. We think it could be perfect for campaigns and fundraising efforts, but if your website isn’t too heavy it might work for that too.


There's a chance you know you need help but aren’t quite sure where to start. We can help with that, working with you to build a yearly social PR plan that you can then take and execute, a collaborative effort that will set the course for communications success to come.


If you have a little bit of money that you need to go a long way, this might be the right place for you. Our team can create eye catching copy, design and targeting strategies and then set them loose, aiming for the best possible ROI possible, be it CPC, CPE or whatever metric you prioritize.

Passion Project

Requirements Checklist

Non Profit

To be eligible, we ask that your organization be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Organizations affiliated with Praytell client companies are not eligible.

US or Canada Based

This initial round is limited to US or Canada based organizations

Be Nice

It sorta speaks for itself, right? We are looking to partner with groups that want to make the world a better place, and who are good citizens while doing it. We’ve got a no asshole policy at Praytell and we extend that to our partners too.

Small Marketing Budget

We don’t have a hard and fast rule here, but let’s use some common sense. If you have an agency or are spending $10,000 per month on your comms budget, this project probably isn’t for you.

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There are more tools in the communications toolkit than ever before, tools we want to leverage on behalf of nonprofits in need of a little help.