As Seen On EV

We put a spin on streaming to spread awareness about EVs.


Awareness of Electric Vehicles is high, but the benefits of ownership are still seen as an abstract mystery to most Americans. We needed to shift the narrative and turn common misperceptions into powerful reasons to believe in EV ownership as a viable option.

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Our Solution

We developed a digital-first campaign grounded in language that everyone knows: streaming TV. “As Seen on EV,” leveraged common genres—courtroom dramas, reality TV—to tell our EV benefit stories through entertaining and thumb stopping trailer-like content. We drove consumers to to explore content just like they would on their favorite platforms.


The brand campaign was featured in various media publications, from AdAge to Ford Authority. And most recently was nominated for a 2023 SABRE award in the “ESG Campaign” sector. YouTube ads have been viewed 51M times with a 92% completion rate. On social media, it has garnered more than 110M impressions, and is driving a 50% average completion rate.

191M Media Impressions

110M Social Media Impressions

191M Media Impressions

110M Social Media Impressions


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