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ADWEEK Social Media Week 2024: Praytell’s Insights

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What Went Down at the Contagious Event: A Quick Dive

In a world awash with a “sea of sameness," the recent Contagious Event carved out a distinct space, rallying around the call for genuine disruption and a deeper understanding of Gen Z.

Praytell Predicts: Tech’s Top Trends for 2024

Tech, tech, tech! It’s an industry that’s constantly on the move and regularly churning out big news. That’s why it can feel a bit overwhelming to try and forecast happenings in the tech space. But, fear not! Praytell’s Tech Practice has put together three simple trends that are easy to keep in mind as we head deeper into 2024.

Praytell Predicts: Travel’s Top Trends for 2024

As we sprint wildly into 2024, we can’t help but feel a little *~*psychic*~* and dive very, very deep into our top travel predictions for the year ahead. So, our first-class travel practice got to researching. Reader, you’re welcome to board:

Is TikTok Really Banned?

On Tuesday, December 13, a trio of lawmakers introduced new legislation to ban TikTok from operating in the United States. Spearheaded by Senator Marco Rubio, the top Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee proposed legislation that would “block and prohibit all transactions” in the U.S. by social media companies with at least 1 million monthly users that are based in—or under the substantial influence of—countries that are considered foreign adversaries.

Praytell Kicks Off New Creative Partnership as South Australian Tourism Commission North American AOR

New York's been giving us the cold shoulder at a frosty 33 degrees, but our daydreams take us Down Under, where Australia is a balmy 75. …Anyone in for a change of scenery?
Agency Updates

Affiliate Marketing: Why You Need It

If you are a direct to consumer business, you need to be affiliate friendly in order to secure media coverage and therefore, sales. It’s really that simple. Here’s why:

What Twitter’s Musk Era Means For Brands & Advertisers

Since news broke of Elon Musk's official purchase of Twitter, social media experts and brands alike are assessing how to address potential platform changes—and already-shifting content parameters.

Creative Marketing: 5 Ways to Shake Up Your Brand’s Marketing Approach

Creative marketing is all about finding fresh, unexpected angles to connect with customers and drive brand awareness. In 2023, that matters more than ever as consumers are bombarded with stale content on an increasing number of platforms. Consumers are interested in using social media to connect with friends and culture, and to express themselves, not necessarily just to watch ads. To break through the noise, brands need to tap into imagination and authenticity.

Filipino American History Month: Stories from Filipinos at Praytell

Here at Praytell, we proudly celebrate the Filipino Americans on our teams during Filipino American History Month. It’s a culture rich in special customs, food, and tradition—and we’re excited to share some stories of Filipino American life from right here at Praytell.

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