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A Tech Public Relations Agency With a Human Touch

In a world STILL bereft of flying cars, we specialize in getting people excited about the ways your tech makes their lives better.

Sonos Era 100

Our Technology PR Approach

Technology fatigue and skepticism are real obstacles. That’s why we go beyond the jargon to tell stories that are human, unexpected, and inspiring. We help tech brands get to the heart of what makes them unique, and create future-forward stories that earn lasting attention.

  • Product and brand strategy, planning and execution 
  • Proactive storytelling, trend to earned and seasonal storytelling, and press events 
  • Thought leadership programming inclusive of speaking, awards, and executive visibility
  • Corporate communications inclusive of earnings, issues management, litigation, etc.
  • Product seeding, product management & reviews programs
  • Industry and competitor reporting 
  • Monitoring, measurement, and reporting

Sonos Product
Katmai video conference


We helped new and existing Hatch users make sleep wellness a key part of their lives through the launch of Restore 2.
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We helped launch Sonos' most innovative products to date with a whirlwind of global press and key message breakthrough.
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By tapping into the ever evolving debate between remote and in-office work, we successfully introduced Katmai as the unique solution to sparking human connection in a remote world.
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