We Made an Alarm Clock the “Ally to the Unrested"

We helped new and existing Hatch users make sleep wellness a key part of their lives through the launch of Restore 2.


The category focusing on sleep wellness has become increasingly popular and crowded with products. As the proven leader in sleep wellness, Hatch looked to solidify their position in adult rest with the launch of Restore 2.

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Our Solution

To create buzz, we developed a three-phased approach:

1. Unveil Restore 2 at CES

2. Launch the product to consumers

3. Land thought leadership interviews for the CEO

In order to sustain momentum, we gifted Restore 2 to celebrities and influential personas. We also tapped into cultural and seasonal moments.


To date, the Restore 2 launch has garnered over 2 billion impressions. We’ve landed interviews in outlets like The New York Times Wirecutter, Well + Good, Entrepreneur, and MarketWatch, and we've driven coverage in CNN, WIRED, CBS, The Verge, and more. We successfully seeded Restore 2 to celebrities such as Rihanna, Gigi Hadid, and The Kardashians.

90% Message Pull Through

90+ Media Placements

90+ Media Placements

2.3B Media Impressions

90% Message Pull Through


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