(*A Process Built to Be Broken)

Want real attention? Earning it takes principles and innovation. Feelings and facts. Structure and tons of flexibility, because everything changes every day. So take a look at our process for making Creative That Earns (before we change it again):

binge it icon

We Binge Your Brand

We start with deep, intentional research of your brand, landscape, competitors—everything you send us and everything we find on our own. Rigor and rabbit holes alike. We’ll binge with fresh eyes and one goal in mind: insights that fuel ideas no one will see coming.

This step includes a comprehensive analysis of: brand materials, brand and competitor audits, audience data, trend reports and research fueled by both humans and AI.

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We Live Your Brand

This is where we take all we’ve learned about you and start adapting it to the real world, right now. We’ll invest time and money to get to know your challenges and opportunities on a personal level. The stuff you can’t find in a style guide or a listening report. Hands dirty, mouths fed, ears buzzing—we’re all in.

In other words: a brand deep dive with maximum immersion that marries the data from step one with real lived experience.

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We Break From the Script

In a media landscape with too many pitches and too few journalists, every idea or launch needs to feel different from what came before. News has to feel new. Now that we know your brand and where it can thrive in culture, we’re ready to find an expectation to subvert. A trope to upend. An archetype we can break to make your brand break through.

Whether it’s the cast, the message, the CTA, the venue or vessel—every idea has to break from the expected to break through.

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We Test and Tweak

Finally, we pressure test our own ideas in a way that few do. We’ve created a one-of-a-kind media panel, a network of journalists who provide firsthand insights and vetting for our ideas. These under-NDA editors keep us honest and help make sure our latest creative will earn what counts to you.

About the Praytell’s media panel:
● Dozens of working editors
● Candid, secure and compensated
● Real feedback on ideas before they’re pitched

The result? Creative That Earns. What it earns is up to you, but we hope it leads to a promotion. We’re ready to talk about it, are you?

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