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ADWEEK Social Media Week 2024: Praytell’s Insights

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Latine & Hispanic Heritage Month | Compañeros Entertainment Guide

Latine & Hispanic Heritage Month may be over but our Latine ERG Compañeros is encouraging everyone to continue celebrating. Latine people have made countless contributions in the U.S., but today, we’re looking to highlight some of our favorite authors, actors/actresses, and more with our Compañeros curated entertainment guide comprised of some of the best Latine movies, shows, books, and Spotify playlists.

X Eliminates Headlines from Post Link Previews

X is removing headlines in post link previews—an update that will impact brands and media outlets that frequently drive followers to owned website content.The immediate next steps? Make sure post copy and visuals provide adequate context. Incorporate images where you can, and double-check the state of your pinned tweets.

5 Tips for a Successful Holiday Marketing Campaign

Media and consumers will soon be flooded with holiday marketing campaigns and product offers from all angles. To cut through the noise, now is the moment to finish up your holiday strategy—and share your brand’s gifts, news, and campaigns with reporters.

What is PR in Today's Landscape? A Complete Guide to PR

If your brand is looking to grow, evolve, and reach new audiences, you may be exploring the world of PR. For those who are new to it all, you might also be wondering: what is PR?

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing has long been an essential part of brand communications. But in a world where social media trends and platforms are changing every second—what does success on social look like today?

Twitter X: How Brands Should React to the Twitter Rebranding

On Sunday, July 23, Musk announced that the classic blue bird logo would be sunsetted and replaced with a new, stylized ‘X’ moniker. This change was just the beginning, as Musk shared, “And soon we shall bid adieu to the Twitter brand and, gradually, all the birds.”

Meta Threads: What Brands Need to Know

Meta has launched Threads, a new app allowing users to draft posts up to 500 characters long that include links, photos, and short videos up to five minutes in length. The new Meta-owned social platform is making it clear that it’s looking to be the official Twitter replacement, exhibiting incredibly similar functionalities as Elon Musk’s recent investment.

5 Ways to Maximize Your Influencer Marketing With Paid Media

The past year has been a game-changer for digital advertising spend, with more brands shifting their budgets toward online platforms. The trend isn’t showing signs of slowing, with Insider Intelligence forecasting that digital advertising will reach $438 billion in 2027—an 87% increase above 2022.

To Reach the U.S. Hispanic Population, Brands Must Embrace the Spanish Language

June is Immigrant Heritage Month—a time to celebrate the rich diversity and invaluable contributions of immigrants to the United States. It’s an opportunity for brands to expand their perspective, and make sure they’re speaking to all the audiences who matter to their business.

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