We Showed the World How Speakers Can Bring Max Emotion

We helped launch Sonos' most innovative products to date with a whirlwind of global press and key message breakthrough.


Sonos was set to debut its biggest product news in years. We were tasked to create a global and North American regional based strategy to not only tell—but show Sonos’ innovation and connection to music culture with the goal of inspiring “max emotion through sound."

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Our Solution

We launched two new speakers through a unified approach with PR, influencer, and social by:

- Hosting a global press trip

- Reconnecting Sonos to music culture

- Creating robust product innovation narratives

- Fostering deep, engaged media relationships

- Reinforcing industry leadership in sustainability


The launch campaign produced nearly 3,000 stories with 92% message pull through within all earned coverage.

We held over 20 events across 18 countries hosting over 480+ media and 60+ influencers combined.

In addition to our in-person events, we held over 65 virtual briefings to priority media who were unable to join IRL.

17B Impressions

3,000 Stories

480+ Media and 60+ Influencers Hosted

3,000 Stories

17B Impressions

20 Events

480+ Media and 60+ Influencers Hosted

65 Virtual Briefings


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